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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lessons Learned Posting Pics

Tuesday and all of my work projects are complete.  I have this day off and knew I would have to force myself to experiment taking photos if I were ever going to again.   After taking 51 photos of a variety of different outfits a few months ago that disappeared into the Cloud.....I have been loathe to begin again.  I do not see how the girls do it.  It looked like so much many things look to me......only to discover it's just plain hard work and takes time, patience, and practice like most everything valuable in life.  I am not one who takes pictures of anything.  When I am out and about or even on vacation the last thing on my mind is a camera and picture taking.  But I sure admire those who do.  When my son took me to Paris I came home with only about 12 photos and I treasure those dearly.  Then when I started my blog I thought taking photos of my outfits would be fun because I think I dress a little differently than the norm  but WHOA!  An outfit that I would normally create I discovered in a photo can look just plain wrong!!!   I realize now the only reason I like to take photos of my outfits is to discover WHAT NOT TO least in a photo.  In my real life a Victorian style short black velveteen jacket I bought a hundred years ago at The Gap (before they went all androgynous) with a flare pleat in the back is one of my favorite looks.  But on camera the cut looks just weird.   When I go to the Mall now I have to ask myself  "Is this editorial?"   It is fun in the aspect of my loving to always keep learning new things yet I forget within that desire is great frustration and effort.  I think I leave all of that on the dance floor and hardly have any room left for my adventure into photo taking..
 I would not wear this out in public with the flower and the hat but at least it looks kind of editorial?
Ho-hum....I tried to create some interest with the belt being different than the shoes but it's a yawn.  I know we are our own worst critics but I don't want to have to add a hat or dark glasses to make an outfit look interesting.  Now what?
Less is more...maybe a flower on this jacket would have worked but still nothing creative here.
A different pose does not work either.  My new 4 inch red swede heels from Cathy Jean's are surprisingly wearable...meaning I can wear them walking around on carpets quite comfortably.  But where do I go where there is solid carpeting?  I will wear them to work tomorrow and see.

What have I learned today?  I know if one takes any new activity and devote at least one hour a day to it one can improve.  My goal is to take one photo a day when I get home from work of my outfit.  When I have time I will study the photos I have collected and see what I could do to create more interesting looks.   I am open to all suggestions that come my way.  Please share all of your helpful hints as I am eager to learn. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rants And Raves

Sunday eve watching the fashion statements on the Grammy's with Taylor Swift my favorite so far.  My life feels very staid and disciplined compared to the party all the time group on TV but I am
 feeling great with an E-ticket to paradise spending time with my children I hardly ever get to see.   First stop Ft. Smith, Arkansas to connect with my daughter and two grandchildren, on to Waterloo, Iowa to see my two sons, then all together on to spend Spring Break in  Chicago. We are all looking forward because our time together is precious and FUN. 

In the mean time I feel disciplined and boring.  Can one be disciplined and not boring???  Kobe Bryant known for being  the "most disciplined"  admits he gives up a lot for his sport.  At least he has zillions of dollars and rings to show for it where my discipline only gets me performing at what feels like below average.  Yet when asked by friends and family "what are you doing today" my answer is always, "ballet class".  Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  The only energy I have left after working all day and class is sitting in front of the TV.   I refuse to watch any dramas with crying and dying or crime shows with violence but I will watch Fashion Police with all the trash talk.

Joan said, "Style is like herpes, you either have it or you don't."  I like her because she is who she is.  I know all the plastic surgery but her personality is authentic.  Two celebrities who are the epitimy of fake and phoniness are Beyonce and Lebron James.  They both run around doing interviews saying how "humble " they are.  Guess what?  If you have to TELL me you are then you are NOT!!  They have so much AFFECTATION they are laughable as a caricature of themselves.  Lebron has to be on steroids.  Does the NBA even check for that?  And who could be shocked Beyonce would lipsinc?
I come back to Kobe.  He has said, "Chances are you don't like me but even better chance that I don't care".  .

Question, why is it shoes tried on in the shoe store feel fine.  Then when purchased and tried on at home they feel like a completely different shoe???  Or does that just happen to me?  Here are my latest purchase.  Yes, stay off of my red swede shoes.
I wanted to style them with jeans rolled up and cuffed, a white top tucked in with a belt, and a black blazer.  Yes with insoles they felt doable but now?  I don't think I can even wear them to work SITTING at my computer all day.  They were 70 percent off and not returnable.  This is another good reason why I am not good around sales.   I am going to make them work or... if anyone wants them I would donate to a good home.  

My last rant is....I do not like the songs presented at the Grammy's.  Watch & Go is a promo at CBS.....only 30 minutes into it and I am gone.