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Monday, September 3, 2012

Anti-Aging Silver Bullet

Did I get your attention?  Have you noticed everything is being marketed as "anti-aging"?  Age defying lipstick, eye shadows and foundations.  Soon we will have anti-aging room deodorizers, anti-aging chocolates and please hurry with the age defying coffee.
Google photo Bobbi Brown age defying cream
I love to come across a personal blog that shares what they know not what others know.  If someone said they had found an anti-wrinkle cream I may try it.  So far I have not bought into any of the claims for skin creams because I think science tells me that creams do not go beneath the surface of the skin to change anything BUT if they can or do then the WARNING on the labels are such fine print and go on forever like the commercials for drugs on TV that cure whatever ails you but can also cause....and it is almost comical all of the warnings they include.
Google photo Queen Elizabeth 
 I have no idea the age of the Queen but if there were such a cream do you think she may have it or would use it?  Have you ever seen an older person with no Botox, and no face lifts that you wanted to ask what they used on their skin?  I have.  A few years ago I attended a performance by Sahomi Tachibana a Japanese dancer that abides here in Portland, Oregon.
Sahomi Tachibana
She is so lovely her beauty is mesmerizing as I watched her dance.  Her complexion is amazing.  I asked my friend who knows her well if they have special creams in Japan that create such beautiful skin?  After the performance my friend asked her what she uses on her skin and her reply, Dove soap.  That's all.

As noted she is a dancer and has been since her early days when quarantined here in the States.  Her story is fascinating and can be found on Oregon Public Broadcasting.  Also reading Master Class by Peter Spiers he lines out four elements for anti-aging in his book.
       1.  Socializing
       2.  Moving
       3.  Creating
       4.  Thinking
In the Moving category he gave examples of running, golf, walking, etc. and dancing.  He added, "Dance is the silver bullet for anti-aging."  Since I am a dancer and have been for the past twenty years I agree with him.  Yet I have plenty of wrinkles.

What I have found personally as for beauty tips that do work for me is for whiter teeth instead of using the Crest white strips I pour peroxide on my toothbrush after each brushing.  It not only kills germs but I think after a year my teeth are getting whiter.  One other tip is for fuller lashes when applying mascara use two different brands at the same time.  It does not matter what brands.  I was going to give up on mascara but I just looked tired.  Do you have a beauty tip that works for you?

I feel at a certain stage our face reflects our inner life and the best enhancer is a smile.
Cell phone photo today of Reality.  Bare face, lipstick, mascara


  1. Interesting question. I haven't found any magic products. But just today I was thinking that my smiling photos are the only ones that look good! Smiling lifts my face, literally.

    1. Smiling eyes are supposed to be a natural tranquilizer for the face as well. When I practice it I can feel it works. My whole face relaxes just by letting my eyes smile.