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Sunday, December 4, 2011

How Do You Choose Your Friends?

  When my friends get online to date I always tell them the rule is if he doesn't make you laugh end of story.  One of my friends told me I have too many rules and she lives her life without.  She met X number of men at Starbucks and not one made her laugh and more than one she gave several chances until one day she told me ..............Barbara, guess what?  I have a RULE.   And the rule is if they don't make me laugh at first, no more second chances.  She was wasting her life away waiting for these guys to make her laugh.

Along comes another mutual friend of ours who had enough nightmare stories to write her own book about online matchmaking dating and she knows how to tell it like it is.  But then, out of the blue comes this guy who she had no idea would be her match and wah lah!!!  The perfect fit.  They have been dating for several years now and he proposed a few months ago.  Her first marriage and his second,  Do they make each other laugh??????  You figure it out.

These are the kind of friends I choose to hang with.  Because life is a party.  It just is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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