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Friday, April 28, 2017

Let's Hack The Code

One year and a half on this planet
Are you prepared to live forever?  Or maybe to 180?  The Methuselah Foundation offers a One Million Dollar Palo Alto Longevity prize to encourage an all out effort to hack the code that regulates our health and life span.

Me, the athlete in training/dancer is still going on my healthy daily Swing Dance Walks up the S. F. Hills and applying for work and collecting unemployment until July.  After 25 years conducting outbound calls to major corporations nationwide to recruit participants for research studies...I am OVER IT!!!  It was FUN but...that journey has ended.  Now I am only interested in work fielding inbound calls and listed with online job sites with the title.....Receptionist.

The other day I heard the billionaire Mark Cuban in an interview say...."if you have a people oriented type job you are going to be replaced by ROBOTICS."  He was asked to give an example of what kinds of jobs that will be and the first one out of his mouth was...RECEPTIONIST.

I'm not sure about the quest to prevent aging.  We are part of nature and different species age fast or slow yet everything ages.  When we prevent the laws of nature how does that work out for us?  I have heard when man uses technology to change the elements in the forest, or mess with the spawning of salmon bad things can and do happen.

I'm not sure I want to live long enough that no matter who I call for no matter what reason I will reach a ROBOT.  Can you imagine a life where you make a call and punch in all the required numbers on the phone tree only to end up with a ROBOT at the end?  I can't.  I can't.  That would ruin any chance I had for a healthy lifestyle.  My quest for longevity ends there.🏃🏃🏃