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Friday, December 9, 2011

Barack Obama Being Judged

How can anyone even think about anyone on the planet being a better President?   I always thought Steve Croft was a pretty decent interviewer until hearing him question Obama.  Steve is hammering on about the stupid poll numbers.  So what?  Why is he trying to be a Fox news reporter type and be sensational in his line of questioning?    Example "the general perception is........".  STOP!!!  That is like me saying, "Everyone knows 60 Minutes is a low life news show in step with Fox. 

Obama is the first President that I have had any feelings for whatsoever.  Also I know

I am the odd one out when it comes to the people I admire.  I loved Michael Jackson and knew he was a genius ALWAYS......all during his trials and tribulations.  I like Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest when others cannot tolerate the sound of their names. 

Is Obama a radical socialist or not tough enough?  That is the stupidity of the questioning going on tonight  on TV and the President has to lower himself to the common denominator of 3rd grade mentality and address this petty and trivial interview.  I am not one who thought Obama was going to be our great hope of making this country operate in a way that would be helpful for me.  I did know that he has the kind of values and compassion for humanity that I can relate to and no one even comes close to being worthy of walking in his shoes.

Now one more opinion not from Oprah or Dr. Phil but does anyone else think that way too many people are wearing dark glasses as a fashion statement?  Do people really like to see a face with the eyes blacked out?  



Fast, Fun, Easy, Simple

That's what people want. Fast, fun, easy, simple.  Calling Oprah, Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, and all the promise of results shows.  Immediate, or within 5 days.

Last night I was watching a show on OPB and the moderator was a Dr. who had a full audience.  He was delivering information in a dark blue suit and red tie that everyone should have already known if they were past the grade of 3.  Dang.  Why does everything have to be lowered to the last common denominator??  "Exercise grows our brain".  Oh WOW!!  Oh and wait for it....."the more exercise you do the better."  4 days a week sweat with aerobics of some kind and 2 days do strength training.  Remember you heard it here.....well unless you were watching this Dr. on OPB the other night selling books.

Is that what people consider CONTENT??  Valuable information?  Do you know Steve Martin the comedian knows a lot about art.  So he gave a talk at a museum in N.Y. and the participants demanded their money back.  They said the talk was too boring.  I understand he gave an intellectual talk about art when the audience was probably expecting an Oprah style presentation where give it to me fast, fun, easy and simple to understand or go home.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Does Learning Take So Long?

A day in the style today was black Danskin sneakers, black knit tights, black Guess skinny jeans, white Old Navy thermal, and a Black Puffy jacket with a hood that has faux fur trim from Ross.  My intention was to LEARN how to use my camera and compose a picture for this blog.  I managed to do everything but address that camera.

Why is it when wanting to learn something new I procrastinate so much?  What is it fear?  Fear of the unknown and fear of failure and fear of the pictures not turning out and fear of not having enough patience to see it through and fear I will throw up my hands and say, "done" like I have with what feels like a million other projects?  I know what it is.  I already want to know how to do it.  I do not want to have to go through all the baby steps to learn and the falling down and needing to get back up again feels exhausting before I even begin.  And I LOVE TO DANCE.  Why should I have this much of a struggle?

Because it is something new I am excited about it and then lose my way.  Like in a relationship.  When you meet someone new and can't wait to go out and then right before the date it feels like all wrong.  That you know he is not going to be as much fun as you want him to be etc etc etc.

Staring out my window at 5pm the moon is out and today I had a long walk along the river in the outfit of choice today fit my intention ....(photographers wear black)....I wonder if I could meet a guy who knows how to use a camera and a tripod and we could go on a date and have a super fun time....but waiting for that to happen would take forever!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras

My boys are 15 months apart.  Everyone said it was too bad I did not have a girl because I loved to dress up.  Well, I dressed my boys  up.  I mean they were styled out in clothes that I made for them like a red and white hounds tooth jacket with matching shorts worn with a white turtle neck sweater and oxfords.  Another favorite being a white dress shirt,  plaid jacket with yellow bow tie and navy pants with blue swede clogs.  You get the picture.

When my daughter was born 6 years later she idolized her brothers.  She refused to wear a dress of any kind.  We have pictures of her with huge tears streaming down her face in every picture with a dress on that I had made of course.  I can see it now.  A white lace short sleeve top with a blue plaid skirt to the floor with white anklets and lace with white patent Mary Janes and her hair up like Little Miss Sunshine.  She was not about to be bribed.

When my youngest son came across the TV show Toddlers and Tiaras he freaked.  He said luckily he was born in the Northwest where pageants are not big.  I had never heard of them before I saw them a few years ago on TV myself.  I burst out laughing and yet it scared me because I think it may have been true.  Would I have done that to my little ones?  Please tell me NO!!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Useful Information

Where is my voice going?  My least favorite blogs are the professional ones that give so called "useful information".  I only go to those blogs when I am seeking out a certain activity such as, how to cut my own bangs, how to apply eyeliner pencils, etc.  But the ones that are formatted like a magazine that is telling me what's in and thanks.

Today I emailed my friend from Spain to tell her I want a place that people can go for health care that is not a Dr.,s Office, not the emergency room of a hospital, not an Urgent Care, and not a Natural College of Medicine or a Oriental College of Medicine.  My friend and I pride ourselves on taking responsibility for our own health and yet when things go awry each of us has had to resort to the aforementioned so called health care places.  I have had the best care at the Oriental College of Medicine and praise their work but sometimes I have ailments that I don't think acupuncture is really necessary.  But I love their non-invasive approach to diagnosing my illnesses where the other choices scare me with their tactics.

Where could we go for 'useful information" and help when we need a place to go for a healthy consultation?   My friend said we could start a "foster health care center".  I like it.  A place where you could turn to when Dr. Google does not work for you.  A place where doctors would be the kind that used to make house-calls but we would go to them instead.  They would have a bedside manner and not have to pay billions for their equipment so not interested in giving you a million different tests to pay for their overhead.  I know there is a group called "Mad As Hell Doctors".....maybe they would be interested in starting a foster care for those of us who do not need surgery but rather a good listener and the ability to give some sound useful information!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Intriguing and Alluring

How does one dress in an intriguing and alluring way?  Those words in our vocabulary even sound old fashioned.  Does anyone even use those words anymore?  And do they mean an attitude or an outfit?  I guess most of us dress for work appropriate but I wonder how many of you even know what your work dress code is?  Mine is open to interpretation,  When working your way up the ladder it is always best to take the cues from the position you are working toward and dress accordingly.  What about those of us who do not have to consider that kind of HR scrutiny?  Do you dress more like Betsy Johnson or Nina Garcia?  Or Heidi Klum?  Tim Gunn has the same eye as the What Not To Wear crew and to me that is just plain wardrobe 101.

Can you get away with being a non-conformist?  It is not easy and people have told me they have lost their job because they wore the wrong kind of earrings to the board room.  It is so easy to dress safe.  Watch the Q. or HSN or look at the mannequins in the windows of the Gap, Ann Taylor, J.Crew, and (yawn) take your ques from there.

If you want to dress to express yourself.....where would you go?  How would you do it?  I have to shop in the Jr. Departments to find anything even remotely interesting to fit my personality.  Everything else seems like tried and true staid and non-creative.  Since I have never been able to afford cashmere or any fine fabric type clothes that are considered well designed and well tailored so that might be a different world.  But in my realm where clothes are just one of my many expenses I need to be frugal.   My budget  only allows me to choose from the H & M, Forever 21, and Jr. Departments at the major department stores.

Can you write your own rules for dress up and take risks, or is the fear too great to get it wrong?  And who's to judge?  I don't even go places where anyone cares how I dress so I just do it for me.  It would be hard for me to look in the mirror and say, oh yeah...intriguing and alluring.  But the fun is in the challenge for me and my artistic endeavor just as others like to create a garden or interior design or a painting etc.   

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How Do You Choose Your Friends?

  When my friends get online to date I always tell them the rule is if he doesn't make you laugh end of story.  One of my friends told me I have too many rules and she lives her life without.  She met X number of men at Starbucks and not one made her laugh and more than one she gave several chances until one day she told me ..............Barbara, guess what?  I have a RULE.   And the rule is if they don't make me laugh at first, no more second chances.  She was wasting her life away waiting for these guys to make her laugh.

Along comes another mutual friend of ours who had enough nightmare stories to write her own book about online matchmaking dating and she knows how to tell it like it is.  But then, out of the blue comes this guy who she had no idea would be her match and wah lah!!!  The perfect fit.  They have been dating for several years now and he proposed a few months ago.  Her first marriage and his second,  Do they make each other laugh??????  You figure it out.

These are the kind of friends I choose to hang with.  Because life is a party.  It just is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Night Dream

HELLO.....what I did today.  Bought myself a tripod and a card reader.  My camera is now mounted and since I have never taken a picture with the camera I am procrastinating.  It is Saturday night and after shopping all day my patience level is not going to be enough to start dealing with learning how to take my picture.  Then after I take it I guess about 6 to 50 times then I will have to learn how to use the reader and when I get it plugged into my computer I have no idea what to do from there.  I am hoping it will be self explanatory?  For sure.

One blogger I like is Chic on the Cheap and she takes awesome pictures.  Come to find out her brother is a professional photographer.  She told me it does not matter what camera you have it is the eye behind the camera .  We shall see.  She has a Canon SLR, I have a Sony Cybershot.  What are my chances to have an eye good enough to match a almost thousand dollar SLR?  My plan is to get an SLR and then taking classes.  For now I need just a Point and Shoot class that does not start until Spring.  So I will have to experiment until then.  Yikes!!

You're a what friends would say to me growing up.  Your head is in the clouds they would say.  That is kind of how I feel this Saturday night.  Like I am in a dream and not facing the reality of tomorrow when I will have to actually figure out how to use my equipment.  And stick with it instead of throwing my hands up and go back into dream mode.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Auditioning For Life

 Here is some useful information.  Well, maybe if I have to tell you it is useful that is the first problem.  I have issues with what people consider their expertise.  I read a book one time that was talking about if anyone calls them self an expert or master of the other way.  Those who really know what they are speaking of through much study and personal experience do not label them self a Master.  My best teachers have told me to experiment for my self.

But do I really want to be auditioning all the time for living live the best that I can?  Or do I want someone that, you got the are ????   I am here to say, "life is a dress rehearsal". 

We are auditioning always for pretend roles that we think we should be playing and dressing for it the way we think we should look like in that role and who am I?  Once in college I took a class called "Who Am I?"  It was awesome.  One time we had to be quiet and do nothing  for 3 hours.  HELP!!  My whole life flashed before me I had so many chores and things I needed or rather my mind told me I needed to do.  I did as directed and those 3 hours were a life changing experience. 

So my suggestion is when constantly auditioning for roles to play find a space in time where you just STOP!  Would you think if it could be life changing you may just do it on a regular basis?  Oh no.   I have not figured out what is so extremely difficult for me to "not do anything" other than my life conditioning is to do , do , do.  I wish I was over it.....or do I?  it may be the wisdom of living a healthy life is to stop auditioning and just be who you are.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Fashion Icon

My Number One Style Icon is Simon Doonan.  He is insane in the best way!!!  I would love to surround myself with him.  His poetic humor and honesty is one I envy.  He is the new Ambassador of Creativity at Barney's NY and I wish I could be his ambassador and let everyone know to read all of his books and subscribe to his blog because his insights regarding style and fashion are worthy of all praise. 

Example's please:  Here it is....."Personally speaking, I have always preferred noisy luxury.  If I won the lottery, I would be unable to restrain myself from making all kinds of preposterous purchases, a canary yellow fur chubby with a matching Corvette.........".  The whole article is in Slate Magazine where he writes a fashion column.

So for me, all things Simon, all the time.  I want to be him or with him like a teen wants to be or be with Bieber.  How old am I?   Some things never change.