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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where Did You Get Those Boots

The other day one of the sellers on the television home shopping networks said the reason shoes and boots are so expensive is  because of Sex And The City.  That manufacturers figured out how much we love our shoes so they can charge us way more than ever before.  Since boots are my weakness and no matter how many I own my eyes are always drawn to the shoe department.  Luckily the more expensive the boots get the harder it is for me to find a pair worth buying.
Jeffrey Campbell Black Studded Leather 

My number one priority when I choose a boot is comfort.  These are not it.  This style is available at all the high end department stores.  If one does not go clubbing where would one wear these?  Art exhibit events?  But then again I need more than comfort.  My other priority is some kind of style and a heel or wedge at least 3 inches high.
These are available in every rainbow color and obviously will dress up a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a tee from Guess.  But not for me.

Guess opened a new outlet at one of the shopping malls here and they have far more signage on their clothing than ever   This store is crammed full of items that have their signage all over it and whatever do they do with all of it that does not sell?   The only thing I can think of is they give it to some charity that sends it to a third world country where they tear it all up into rags to make huts out of and to wrap themselves in for warmth.  If you go to the Guess online store you will only see a few items with GUESS written on it but in the stores it is full of it.  Does that mean even they are embarrassed to have that much signage on their clothing?  They have been doing it for years now so it is paying off somehow.

Now to prove there is no accounting for taste I will show you a tee shirt I bought this weekend at the mall.  I found it at Express another store that likes to put signage on their tees.   This photo would not attract me to this tee at all but when I put it on because it is an asymetrical tunic it has an interesting look and would go great with those Jeffrey Campbell boots and leather leggings.  No, I am not doing that!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Who Are You Wearing

Tomorrow I will be going to a morning ballet class and shopping at the Mall in the afternoon.  Each store is so predictable but at least I can feel the fabric and try on the fit to see if the price is any where near worth it.  What is really getting predictable is the way every fashion item from clothes, to make-up, accessories and perfume has a celebrity name attached to it.

The items of clothing I see online just do not fit into my personal lifestyle.  This item is lovely but does not translate to any of my activities.
Google photo NYFW 
Google photo image NYFW
 Nor is this item relevant in any way to an office job, ballet class, chores, Starbucks.
Giulliana Rancic on HSN

Soon it may be impossible to find anything in the fashion world for sale without a famous name attached to it.  The same people you see in your living room on your favorite shows will also be hanging in your closet, on your face, and your favorite scent.

The place where you will find your favorite stars selling you the items that they have supposedly designed and wear themselves is HSN and QVC.  Tonight it was GR's night.  She had leggings for $66.97 with shipping and handling that looked exactly like a pair I bought for $20.00 at the Mall last week.  She had a scarf the same dimensions as I bought at Nordsroms for $24.00 but with her name on it the price is $37.00.  A blouse with pleats on the front, with a tie at the neck you can remove that  I have seen in every store at the Mall she was pitching as being totally unique.  Really?????

The upshot is the home shopping networks get free PR from viewers calling in and gushing over the celebrity of the hour in ways that no amount of advertising campaigns could ever come up with.  It boggles my mind where all this is going.  Instead of seeing THE GAP or GUESS on tees, and sweat shirts we can see as often GIULLIANA, and IMAN.

Excuse me now while I watch my Friday night show Fashion Police.  No I do not own any Joan Rivers jewelry, sunglasses, or clothing she sells on QVC.  If she or any of the famous personalities had any items I thought were interesting and worth the shipping and handling I surely would order mine now before it was too late.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When Exercise Is More Than That

Tonight I am feeling muscle fatigue but mental strength.  Adding a few more advanced ballet classes to my schedule has pushed me to a new level of endurance.   It takes much more time commitment not just in the dance studio but also allowing for the fatigue factor.  I have to find ways to adjust to my free time feeling more like just exhausted time.
Google phot ballet training

Some say ballet training is extremely hard on the body but one of my favorite teachers told me this is only true if you do not practice correctly. I agree, all of my injuries have come from faulty use of my body.  One time I admired a dancer in class so much I told myself I was going to jump with all my might as high as she did.  I went off in a corner and kept practicing the leap over and over.  That night taking a bath I noticed my foot was all black and blue on the bottom.  The next day I went to class and my teacher told me to go home, that I had broken all the blood vessels in the bottom of my foot and not to come back until the bruising was gone.  I have had uncountable minor injuries over the last twenty years that has prevented me from dance and those are times when I have really had to stay positive in body, mind, and spirit. 

So what is "normal" when it comes to exercise as we grow into our 60's, 70's. 80's, 90's and beyond? 
With healthcare the number one issue and concern on the nightly news and what appears like the whole world running for their lives literally and figuratively my question is how is running considered healthy over the long run?  The jury is still out on that one too.  I know they have running events for every major disease known to man but is running itself good for dis-ease?
Google photo of senior runners
My neighborhood is full of runners.  My guess is 80 percent are under age 40, 19 percent under age 60 and less than one percent over that.  So my question is how is running a healthy exercise?  Or is it more than that?  What is this journey other than creating the healthiest lifestyle we can find?  It seems most people buy into the idea we automatically deteriorate as we age so be it.  I am questioning other alternatives......

Is anyone else questioning alternatives to deteriorating?  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

When You Fall In Love

Fashion faux paux's I think they call it.  An outfit that misses the mark. This is how I felt today wearing a dress that is too short and just not my style.
It's okay. It is too short.  A perfect example of why I normally do not purchase items when I go shopping.  It is getting harder to find anything that I consider "me".  From now on a renewed vow is to never buy anything  that I am not 100 percent in love with.  I already know I cannot trust anything I see online. I wonder though if there are any items of clothing out there that I can physically find at a store, feel the fabric, try it on, and know it is the one?  Is it just me or are clothes in general going down hill?  Why did I ever settle for something like this?  When I don't even wear stripes.  No it does not look any better when standing up straight.
 Later in the day I went shopping for leggings.  I tried on five pair of different labels all in the $65.00 to $99.00 price range just to see if they fit better than the $20.00 leggings.  The answer a resounding NOOOOO!  My lifestyle is perfect for leggings, top, and blazer to wear with heels, shooties, or boots.  I then looked for boots.  Of course the heel height I want is no where to be found and who decided we wanted slouch boots year after year after year?  If they are not slouch then they are flat soled and look like ones the guys wear under their jeans.

At least hunting for clothes I like is much more fun than looking for a man.  I cannot imagine how hard that is these days yet my two friends who married today found each other online and after four years of having great fun together they decided to go all the way.  They are the perfect couple and a great example that anything and everything is possible. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Is Growing Older And Wilder A Good Idea?

This weekend I purchased a dress I first saw on an Asian girl that had come out of the dressing room to look in the daylight mirror and she looked great!!!  The dress is bright shades of greens, oranges, blues, and cremes stripes in chiffon on the top and a rose brown stretch pencil skirt with a black grosgrain  sash.  It looked so perfect on her I had to try it on.  I do not own a dress currently and will be attending a wedding this Saturday morning.  Bought it, did not fit in the shoulders so did some altering, ironed it and hung it in my closet.  Every time I look at it I say, "WHHHHHAT???"  I do not like it.  I never wear stripes. and I cannot relate to the style at all.  Can't return it because I made the alterations. 
Google image of Miuccia Prada
I've never had to be what I call "board room ready" or politically correct in my dress.  Creativity abounds and the only thing that I need is to feel me in my choices.  When I read a quote from Ms. Prada I totally agreed.  "Women always try to tame themselves as they get older, but the ones who look best are often a bit wilder, thinking about age all the time is the biggest prison women can make for themselves.."  I have no idea how my new dress is going to look on but my concern is I am not going to feel like myself.  We shall see.
Google image ladies in hats
 It at least will take me out of my comfort zone and maybe that will be fun?  Do you ever dress in a style that you think is new and different than you normally do?  I am not one who likes to dress in a costume of crazy hats and huge colored glasses but I also do not want to look like a J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Talbot's type mannequin.  I do think growing older and bolder is a good idea, but this new dress I think is just going to make me look like someone I don't know.  Oh well, maybe it will surprise me in a good way and I will want all stripes in my wardrobe from now on.  Is there a pattern or color that you do not wear?  If you did do you think you could change your mind?
Google image women in glasses

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do You Love What You Do

Here is the old-fashioned way to spend time alone...
Image of how I like to relax
Here is the 2012 way to spend alone time...
Google image woman relaxing
Taking Advanced Ballet classes along side professional dancers can be very intimidating.  There is an article in Runners World magazine titled Rewire Your Brain.  I have been trying it out but usually forget as soon as I walk in to the huge performance studio.  The idea is fear and doubts are natural emotions.  In order to not worry so much focus on the process of improving and surround yourself with positive thoughts of confidence.  This is helpful to me while getting dressed for class, and driving to class but the moment I walk through the doors I feel surrounded by the 2012 images of dancers while I feel like the old-fashioned one.

The article goes on to say the people are most intimidated by faster runners than anything else.  This is the true for ballet class.  It is not the combinations being too difficult that is worrisome, it is letting myself feel intimidated by the better dancers.   What is helpful so far is to just go for it.  The addiction to dance is like to ice cream.  At first I limit myself to a bowl at a time and soon no need for a bowl I just eat the whole carton.  When I first started at this new studio it was so stressful I had to limit myself to one class a week.   After three months I realized I did not have to hold myself back.

Now within one and the same class I can feel like I am slogging through blinding rain that will never end... just enjoying the class rain and all... some moments of pure bliss....
This is why I love to dance.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Anti-Aging Silver Bullet

Did I get your attention?  Have you noticed everything is being marketed as "anti-aging"?  Age defying lipstick, eye shadows and foundations.  Soon we will have anti-aging room deodorizers, anti-aging chocolates and please hurry with the age defying coffee.
Google photo Bobbi Brown age defying cream
I love to come across a personal blog that shares what they know not what others know.  If someone said they had found an anti-wrinkle cream I may try it.  So far I have not bought into any of the claims for skin creams because I think science tells me that creams do not go beneath the surface of the skin to change anything BUT if they can or do then the WARNING on the labels are such fine print and go on forever like the commercials for drugs on TV that cure whatever ails you but can also cause....and it is almost comical all of the warnings they include.
Google photo Queen Elizabeth 
 I have no idea the age of the Queen but if there were such a cream do you think she may have it or would use it?  Have you ever seen an older person with no Botox, and no face lifts that you wanted to ask what they used on their skin?  I have.  A few years ago I attended a performance by Sahomi Tachibana a Japanese dancer that abides here in Portland, Oregon.
Sahomi Tachibana
She is so lovely her beauty is mesmerizing as I watched her dance.  Her complexion is amazing.  I asked my friend who knows her well if they have special creams in Japan that create such beautiful skin?  After the performance my friend asked her what she uses on her skin and her reply, Dove soap.  That's all.

As noted she is a dancer and has been since her early days when quarantined here in the States.  Her story is fascinating and can be found on Oregon Public Broadcasting.  Also reading Master Class by Peter Spiers he lines out four elements for anti-aging in his book.
       1.  Socializing
       2.  Moving
       3.  Creating
       4.  Thinking
In the Moving category he gave examples of running, golf, walking, etc. and dancing.  He added, "Dance is the silver bullet for anti-aging."  Since I am a dancer and have been for the past twenty years I agree with him.  Yet I have plenty of wrinkles.

What I have found personally as for beauty tips that do work for me is for whiter teeth instead of using the Crest white strips I pour peroxide on my toothbrush after each brushing.  It not only kills germs but I think after a year my teeth are getting whiter.  One other tip is for fuller lashes when applying mascara use two different brands at the same time.  It does not matter what brands.  I was going to give up on mascara but I just looked tired.  Do you have a beauty tip that works for you?

I feel at a certain stage our face reflects our inner life and the best enhancer is a smile.
Cell phone photo today of Reality.  Bare face, lipstick, mascara