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Friday, August 24, 2012

What Does It Mean To Live Strong

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Is Lance Armstrong just a plain old chronic liar or what is going on?  Did he even have cancer and beat it at all odds to go on to win 7 Titles?   How much money is involved in all this?  Do the coaches really convince you the pills you are taking are meds not drugs?  Who teaches you all the ways there is to cheat the drug tests?  I know one has to be strong to not go along for the ride when investors want a super fast machine to sell to the Tour de France and decide you are it.

Easy for me to say now but there was something about Armstrong that I never liked when I would hear him being interviewed.  Do you know the feeling when someone just does not ring true?  But then I wondered if I was being shallow and just did not like his looks?  I do know his Live Strong wrist bands were worn 5 or more at a time on all the kids here and when my co-workers wanted to know diet tips or what energy drinks were the best went to the Live Strong website for help. 

So how he goes down in the history books no one knows yet.  It must be one of those things if you tell yourself something is not dope then it isn't and you can go on with your race, and your win, and your lies forever?  Self determination can bite you or be an inspiration each day.  Keeping greedy people away from you and not being greedy yourself I would think would be one meaning of how to live strong.  Easy for me to say when I am not the one being tested.

This week I took an Adult Ballet Intensive and Contemporary Jazz class for 3 hours a day. It was fun yet soooo challenging I had to seriously talk myself into going the distance.  Does anyone else take part in an activity that completely pushes you each day with no tangible improvement you can realize but you keep doing it anyway?  I asked my co-worker today if she ever does anything where she always feels like a"fish out of water" and she laughed saying, "No, not interested in that feeling, thank you."

I am testing a new height on my tripod for my camera to take photos.  This is the uniform I wear to dance class each day.  A white leotard, black tights, and white lounge pants, with any shoe I can slip on and off easily.  I have much to learn about taking pictures.  I don't think I would do anything if I waited until I knew what I was doing.

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