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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Going Where The Spirit Takes YOu

A doctor once told her she would not be able to dance as her body aged.  She never went to that doctor again and refused to listen because the only thing she ever wanted to do was dance.  This is a tale about the human spirit.  When you are born an artist you have to be free to create.  This book is excellent for anyone who feels they coulda', shouda', woulda' if only...

Marta is a dancer, performer, choreographer, composer, painter, and sewed all her costumes for her one woman show.  Her father asked her, "Is there anything else useless that you could do?"  He never understood why she clung to her artistic talents thinking it was a waste of her time.  Her mother was a needy person that was a constant drain on Marta's energy.  Her husband ends up hating her and her art and ends up leaving her. leaves her.
One of many paintings  she did that cover the  walls and ceiling of her Opera House where she performs.

Marta did find a certain amount of  acclaim with all of her talents.  A documentary about  her was up for an Oscar that I want to see.    From what I can tell she is still creating and teaching today. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Take Two Ibprofen Every Four Hours And Smile

Is it broken?  How do I know?  Is it swollen?  I don't even know.  It just hurts like crazy and I cannot put a shoe on.  Over the years I have had so many dance injuries and the remedy is always the  Oh please no, I have only used it a very few times and it is the thought of icing that is too painful  so I have taken two Ibprofen and wonder how I am going to hobble to work tomorrow?

It happened so fast.  Getting ready to fly out the door to ballet class tonight suddenly I stub my baby toe and OOOwwwwEE it hurts.  But just shake it off and it will be fine so I put on my leotard and tights and thought I should try seeing how my toe was going to feel in my soft shoes.  Oh no, I cannot even get my foot in the shoe and I knew what that meant.  No ballet class tonight.  Now four hours later wondering how long this little event is going to keep me away from my passion???

UUUGHH...I'm now relegated to watching The Dukes Of Melrose for the first time on Bravo and  The Million Dollar Listing New York  At least I feel like I learn a few things about fashion and the real estate industry.  Unlike the insane shows on The Learning Channel (TLC). long am I going to be sidelined this time?  I will have to key into training my Mind that I have been taking notes about.  I always journal about things for years before I actually feel like I get around to applying it to my life.  I'm also reading some new books one of which is "I'm Over All That..."by Shirley MacLaine.  I wish I was over ballet training because for every time I have to take off because of a virus, a vacation. an injury, the effort it takes to begin again feels like starting at the bottom of Mt. Everest.
 I know my mountain feels so trivial compared to what others are having to climb.  Where we are headed no one knows and with each event that FEELS like a set back is a learning experience.  AARRRGH!!!  I wish I could choose my own learning experiences.  Much more fun learning pirouettes.  If you have any experience with training your mind I would love to hear them.