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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How To Be Flexible For Life

Tis' the Season to question everything about life.  Or maybe that's just me.  I was listening to the Director of the film Anna Karenina on NPR and it set my mind in wonder.  I know it is the time of year where traditions are celebrated and the news has various segments of the population arguing about whose celebrations are valid and true and which ones are sacrilegious but no one seems to question where their particular belief systems come from?   I never did either until I attended Marylhurst College in the Pastoral Ministries Degree program.  When I would take part in class discussions the instructor would say to me, "Thank you for your opinion".  I was taken aback.  I thought hey it is not my opinion it is in the Bible.

By the time I graduated with a Social Science degree with an emphasis in Physical Education my eyes were much wider and my mind much more open and flexible.  I learned to appreciate the philosophy  to "question everything".  So what does this have to do with Anna Karenina?  I remember reading the book a couple times and related to her character.
The director Joe Wright said in Russia in the 17th century their culture did not know if they wanted to be East or West and decided they would take on he French language and became very flamboyant and showy.  Their ballrooms had floor to ceiling mirrors on all four walls.  Ha...I just have one wall in my apartment all mirror.   It came to mind in the performance world especially in dance the Russians are known for being the most dramatic and expressive in the roles they take on.   If you ever watch the Olympics ice skating it is the Russians that shine in their characterization.  Then came to me the expression "All the world's a stage" when I heard the director give reference that maybe some times we stay too long in a role.

That led me to think about General Petraeus and his role.  Did he screw up royally or is he an example of one staying too long in a role when maybe his married role was over?  Then of course I thought of my own two divorces and many other relationships and roles and did it have anything to do with too long or not long enough?  And what signs do we get when we have stayed too long in a role.?   Are  some of us assigned many different roles when we enter this world?  Do we have free will to change them?   Or is it all fate?

Penelope Trunk a blogger writes about instead of going for a "happy life" how about choosing to go for an "interesting life"?  This time of year effects my sensibilities and makes me melancholy when I least expect it.  It is usually a  Christmas song heard in the background while shopping that  can set me off with emotions I thought were behind me.   I call myself the "lone ranger" but that is only one role I play.  I am a mother, co-worker, friend, dancer, student, blogger, and more.  I find my task is not to get stuck in one way of living.  That I need to let my emotions flow in their own way in their own time and just be aware and not be afraid to feel the feelings that arise.  Then I heard, "The body is not stiff the mind is."  Tis the season to be flexible.

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