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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Growing up I remember my mother telling me I was not to play with certain kinds of kids that used bad language.  When I raised my children I did not want them to play with certain kids I considered a bad influence.  The ones who were always getting in trouble.  I wondered why being around the "wrong kind" is so powerful and being with so called good kids is not as influential?.  Or is it?

Yes I am a hundred years old and this was one of my favorite movies I went to see over and over and over.  I bought the album and learned all of the songs by heart and put up drapes in my basement with folding chairs for the neighbor kids to come over and watch me perform.  Okay I bribed them with graham crackers and grape juice if they came over so they did.

I just heard a movie director interviewed tonight ask, "where is the data on musicals and how those affect us?  Do the happy go lucky Mary Poppin type movies create a good world like they are trying to say violent movies creates a violent one?"   He of course did not think so.  In my personal experience when I see or hear violence of any kind I immediately turn it off because if I do not I FEEL sick.  When I see something beautiful and life giving I FEEL inspired, and uplifted.   Where is the data on this?   Depending upon who puts the money behind gathering the data will be the final verdict.  Yes that means you NRA!!!!

I made my sister be part of my home made musicals.  When she drowned she was ten and I was sixteen.   We were riding in the hearse to the funeral parlor looking out the window when my father said, "It feels like the whole world should stop but everyone is going about their business like everything is normal."  Since then I have come to know the meaning of a time to grieve and a time to dance for each one of us in our own way in our own time.


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  2. I like you feel certain that what children watch/see affects them. Even affects adults as well. We'll wait for the data! That's such a sad story about your 10 year old sister. I can only imagine the grief your family still bears for this tragic event. We live and cope with such things but they will always be a part of who we are. Much Christmas happiness being sent your way.

  3. Your sister´s tragic death at such a young age has definitely affected your life in many ways.
    Perhaps it has even reinforced your love in dancing.
    I don´t wish to watch violence in any form either, but with the strong influence of the media, it is often unavoidable.
    Wishing you all good things this Christmas!

  4. I AGREE!

    In fact, we just watched SINGING IN THE RAIN late last night after we came home from a Christmas party. We believe in filling our minds and hearts with GOOD THINGS because you are what you eat.

    THANK YOU DEAR ONE for coming to spend Christmas Eve at my blog. I wish you a year of much beauty and unfolding love in so many ways. KEEP DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anita