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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What To Wear New Years Eve

It was raining when I decided to get out of bed this morning and has not stopped through putting on my makeup, having a cup of Creme Brulee home made coffee, making my lunch for work tomorrow, and taking photos to see if I remembered how.   All I have done is put on about 5 different outfits, took about what felt like a hundred pics and I am exhausted.  I watched the Lakers win a ball game with my favorite player Kobe inspiring as ever yet I can barely keep my eyes open at 5pm now.  No ballet class for two days and I am a mush ball.   It must be the grayest rainiest  Christmas Day of all time that is making me feel like I am in a deep dark cave and all I want to do is hibernate. 

I did forget how to transfer my photos from my camera so I did wait too long.  Thank heaven Google manages to answer my questions and I came up with only one photo I feel like posting.  I have discovered when taking photos I have nothing to wear for New Years Eve.  I am in charge of games and we are going to be playing outdoor games indoors so a LBD with spikes is not a good choice even if I owned them.  I am picturing a chiffon sleeveless cream dress I spotted at H & M with some kind of red or green cotton tee over the top and some fancy boots.

The story behind the granny boots I have on in this picture today are forty years old.  They are Naturalizers and orignially dark brown.  One Halloween I decided to spray them with Design Master Gold metallic spray paint good to spray baskets, ceramics, wood, and so much more.  When I wore them as a costume I received so many compliments I decided they were not just for Halloween I could wear them all of the time.  Then I wanted them Silver and over the years decided to go back to Gold again.  When I saw the Bronze color I thought that would be the best color of all for granny boots.  Forty years old and still trekkin'.  See how things can get better with age... and a little bit of paint.  


  1. I'm hoping that last sentence can apply to me as well as your boots !! You look a treat on that picture, Angèle, I'm sure you'll be perfect on the day. Thanks for stopping by my blog and making me laugh, I have written an answer under your message.xx

  2. You look quite gorgeous in the photo. Love the pea jacket and the boots aren't bad either for 40-year-old ones. I'm sure you'll decide on something to wear for your party. Sorry your Christmas Day was dreary; was here as well and today is gray and cold as blazes! A very clever last sentence!! Have a good rest-of-the-week!

  3. Your bronze boots look good. Up to date very much so. Working well with your pants/leggings.
    Were I you, I´d choose something flowing and airy as a dress or tunic to complete your New Year´s Eve outfit.

  4. I love this look. The jacket is beautiful and the boots are magnificent.

  5. WAIT!!!!!!!! THAT IS YOU?????? YOU ARE SPLENDID!!! And I had a pair of those granny boots too when I was in middle school...yep, I was in middle school 40 years ago!

    You are just beautiful. I have two short coats like yours that I too love to wear with leggings and my mid-calf boots. I think they look rather nice on my ballet dancer legs, if I say so myself! AND I love your hair. For years, I have worn my hair very short but I am going on 55 and I think I am going to give it another go to have long hair with bangs. You are just wonderful.

    Thank you for coming to visit me dear ballet dancer/lover! We shall keep on dancing in 2013 and I so appreciate your comments. Peace and love to you and your loved ones! Anita

  6. I love your coat!!! it is so awesome!!!

    Wish you an amazing year 2013!
    Kisses, Lucy :)

  7. That's a great outfit and the photo is super!