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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Going Where The Spirit Takes YOu

A doctor once told her she would not be able to dance as her body aged.  She never went to that doctor again and refused to listen because the only thing she ever wanted to do was dance.  This is a tale about the human spirit.  When you are born an artist you have to be free to create.  This book is excellent for anyone who feels they coulda', shouda', woulda' if only...

Marta is a dancer, performer, choreographer, composer, painter, and sewed all her costumes for her one woman show.  Her father asked her, "Is there anything else useless that you could do?"  He never understood why she clung to her artistic talents thinking it was a waste of her time.  Her mother was a needy person that was a constant drain on Marta's energy.  Her husband ends up hating her and her art and ends up leaving her. leaves her.
One of many paintings  she did that cover the  walls and ceiling of her Opera House where she performs.

Marta did find a certain amount of  acclaim with all of her talents.  A documentary about  her was up for an Oscar that I want to see.    From what I can tell she is still creating and teaching today. 


  1. There certainly is something to be said for following one's dream. Fascinating woman but I am not familiar with her. This would be an excellent book to read and I will add it to my (growing) list. Thanks!

  2. GOOD MORNING, BEAUTIFUL! What a fascinating story indeed of a "flower" that thrives in a place where most would imagine a barren land. But art is like has to live and breathe no matter where it's planted. Thank you so much for coming to visit me! Be well and carry on the passion of the dance. Anita

  3. This book looks so interesting! Happy Thanksgiving!