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Friday, March 10, 2017

Are You Normal

The Terminator
They say..."It's not normal to be Russell Westbrook".  Slogans say, "Be true to yourself", that's fine but...better is one who can SHOW the way.  One of Westbrooks Mountain Dew commercials "Don't do THEY...Do worth a thousand words.

Myself an Athlete In Training I sit here in front of my picture window and watch joggers, dog walkers, bikers, employees at Johns Landing Watertower, all with places to go and things to do.  Unemployed I have no where to be nothing to do just Free To Be Me.  I have my Vanilla Carmel cup of coffee, dressed in my Walmart pajama bottoms, with $4.99 wool tights underneath, a camisole with a long sleeve worn out thermal and a white hoodie over top ready to go walk the San Francisco Hills. this what I am supposed to be doing?  After 25 years of working this normal????

There she is again.  She walks past my window every morning and every night.  She has no idea she is my role model.  With her beautiful, elegant long-legged gazelle like movements for the past ten years I have seen her.  Once I asked her if she walked the S.F. Hills?   She said..."yes sometimes three times."  I walk the hills one time and consider it my complete full-body aerobic exercise for the day.  She walks in every kind of weather just like the postal service only they get paid for it.  I asked her once how she can be so consistent?  She said..."I love ALL the elements."  That is my new mantra.  Is that normal?

Marlo Thomas had an album called Free To Be You And Me my sweet, precious five year old daughter listened to daily.  She had a major trauma happen in her life losing not only her two big brothers but her father as well due to divorce.  No one else at her grade school had divorced parents.  She asked..."why" she was different?  Divorce and blended families were not normal at that time.  The message of that song forty years ago is more relevant today than ever.  With "Rump" for a so-called President freedom means having to "fit in".  I heard just yesterday on the radio a mayor of a town say to a woman wearing a hijab..."Act normal or GET OUT".

I woke this morning thinking I need to be an ACTIVIST for diversity.  But I can't be in throngs of people.  I could be the one up on the platform yelling into the microphone but I need to have a name like Meryl or Rosie for that.  Are you aware everyone is just automatically being asked to "fit in"?  Every retail outlet, corporation, restaurants, movie theaters, airlines, need you to be a member of theirs now.  I understand I pay double for everything in life now because I refuse to join anything.  I am not part of any organization religious or otherwise, no for profit or non profit organizations, and wonder..."is it normal to be a member of everything and everyplace you go in life now?

I do not want to be a member of your marketing schemes.   I do not want to even be asked if I want to join your group think mentality.   But that is feeling almost impossible now... to be Free To Be Me economically.  I am paying the price. Is anyone else paying attention to this?   Have you already joined hands?  Is America First really going to be our  "new normal"?  I hope not.

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