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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Giant Road Runner, Las Cruces,, New Mexico
What does a long-legged bird in the CUCKOO family have to do with me?  How many kinds of crazy can set me off in the Land Of The Unemployed?  Lets start with....If Need Help call 877-345-3484.  The only way I was able to stay on hold for an hour to register for my UE check and not go MAD was pretend I was the star of a SNL skit and getting paid big dollars. The recording is old and dragging with distorted loud grating music and a voice overlay repeating the same info adnauseum directing you to their website.  Many companies have those instructions never realizing their website does not have the answer to your question.  Beyond FRUSTRATING!!!!!

How did I get here?  January 2017 my job moved to our Las Cruces location.  I felt like a contestant on Project Runway.  "One day you're IN and the next day a Giant Road Runner takes your job.  OK....get a grip and check in with one of my mentors Caroline Myss..."when change happens it's like entering a mystery.  GET EXCITED!!!"
Hey, I can do that.  I have an affinity with living in the unknown preferring how much more interesting it is than a daily 8 to 5 grind.  That is until time to pay the rent.

My job now is to focus on my own progress.  Being UE is a process.  So how am I doing?
Relax your face, relax your hands, and your whole body relaxes I tell myself.  A yoga axiom that works for all occasions.  Except that "Donny one-note" reading a prompter last night drones on in my head as obnoxious as being stuck holding on the UE help line .

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