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Sunday, January 6, 2013

What To Do With Winter Blahs

Studies show if we pay attention to animals and all of nature we learn many things about ourselves.  Taking a clue from our friends the birds and watching them migrate South for the winter many have followed their lead purchasing winter homes where it is warm.  Those of us who do not have that luxury nor wings to fly such as I turn into a big fat bear that only wants to hibernate in a cave.  It feels like the best I can do is forage for food by going to work 35 hours a week and trying to get myself in gear to pursue my personal challenges that takes sheer willpower right now.  It does not help to visualize my friends in warm places.
What does help is to keep finding ways to inspire myself and setting challenges to improve in body/mind/spirit.  I have decided to be my own easygoing coach this year and today was my Starting Line.  Mini goal: get to class six times a week even on or especially on days I don't feel like it.  Specifics:  Create strength and relaxation with balance in all areas of my life while questioning all.
Can the body/mind/spirit improve with age or does it automatically deteriorate as we age?  Many use the visual of the flowers and say we wilt and die just as the lilies of the field.  Others say we do not know what the body is capable of because we are each individuals with unique life experiences unlike the flowers.
This is John Lowe.  He is 91 years of age and started ballet training at age 79. You can Google him and his story is amazing.
This is Tao Porchon Lynch.  She is age 94.  I am told she lived in Oregon during the war and has a condo in downtown Portland here where I live.  I have never met her but a good friend of mine says she is incredible and still dancing.  But I have a different role model.  His name is Kobe Bryant.  I know Kobe is 40 years younger than myself and started practicing basketball as a child.  I started ballet training at age 50.  I hear the commentators say that he has been trashing his body as a Professional BB player for almost 20 years now and that is unheard of.  The wear and tear on his body is supposed to be equivalent to a ninety year old.  No one has ever played as many years.  He has not had to make any adjustments to his play and scores as many points as he ever did and has the most points in the NBA at age 37.  Yes he has had knee surgery last year but it has not affected his play.  His work ethic is supposed to be far superior to anyone and he admits he has sacrificed his family and friends for his sport.
It helps me get through the blahs when I have inspiration from animals, people and places.  Choosing to do anything in life is a learning experience.  If you have a personal challenge you are experimenting with please share.  I would love to hear.


  1. What a beautiful blog post! So admirable and so inspiring. Bravo to you! Like you, I am fighting the winter blahs, which for me is a sorry excuse for not spurring myself on. You have given me pause for thought and I will read your post again tomorrow morning and vow to get myself out of this funk I appear to be in. Thank you.

  2. I LOVE EVERY FIBER OF THIS POST. That 91 year old ballet student? NOW THAT IS COURAGE AND LIVING. The woman dancer? GRACE PERSONIFIED. I too my dear, started EVERYTHING "late" in life. EVERYTHING. I started to learn French at 34 years old, but I did not just learn to greet or ask where the bathrooms are, but I speak FLUENTLY. I teach math and science IN FRENCH. I had taught myself the harp at 42, I am now designing paper creations at almost 55 and thank GOD, I can still dance. Living is meant to be just that....a VERB, an active role in this dance of existence. THANK YOU for this post, thank you for your kind words! Anita

  3. What a refreshing, positive post. Looking at the pictures, reading the stories behind them, simply great.
    I know about your " crush "on Kobe, and I think he is the most suitable idol.
    All these people are great, they love their life, it can be seen in their eyes. Somehow - I see it in your eyes too: ).