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Monday, February 20, 2017

Who You Idolize Is The Direction Your Headed

Childhood dream being a trapeze artist in The Greatest Show On Earth
What is the meaning of my life?  What were my passions growing up?  The Greatest Show On Earth is the one movie I watched over and over and just knew I had to find a way to join the circus.  My parents said.... NO circus people are different than you.

My favorite activity in grade school was recess.  The only thing I looked forward to was going outside to play daredevil on the monkey bars.  In High School my most hated activity was Physical Education in the gym doing calisthenics and my most fave was roller skating.

Marriage and family time found me signing up for Volleyball team in winter and Softball league in summer at City Parks and Rec.  College led me to dance.  Injury and unemployment brings me to NOW.  Walking the SF Hills every morning.

I hear women on YouTube wanting to find a life partner.  No thank you.  I just want to meet any one who wants to go to the park to play Frisbee and badminton while I figure out what else I was created to do for work to support myself. 

If you want to see a most fun and even more poignant documentary look for "Alive and Kicking".  It is filled with a million different life lessons in just 88 minutes.  You can Google the movie trailer to get the idea and if you get a chance to see the film you may feel like a little bit of magic dust sprinkled on you that you will carry with you wherever you go.

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