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Thursday, January 17, 2013

How To Turn A Sick Day Into A Game

Self-diagnosis I may have strep.  My throat has never been this sore since after surgery when I had my tonsils out at age twenty-eight.  Must be running fevers because I cannot bear to step away from my heater for more than a minute.  I do not want to swallow but of course the remedy is to drink hot water and juices all day so what do I do when I don't like to face my day?  Divert my attention to other peoples problems.  Like the news event of the day celebrities Lance/Oprah a shining example of the term Egomaniacs.
 I know what craving attention is about because I like it too.  One can only identify in others what one knows or denies in oneself.  Psychology 101.

A sick day allows me to remunerate on things.  Such as growing up I did not get along with my mother at all and thought it was because we were polar opposites.  Now the years have brought me a whole different perspective.  I am identifying more and more areas of my life in likeness to the way she lived her life bringing to light she had many positive and negative traits just like me.  One is in the area of "intuition".  She would often say, "I knew that person was not right" and we would all roll our eyes when it was stated after the fact.

When I posted my opinion about the LA scandal awhile back I questioned if I should blog about it but quickly realized I do not write for the NY Times so basically no one was going to read or care about my opinion anyway it is always just for me and so I published it. Now many months later my intuition was right in that post at that time.  Today I may be wrong but my intuition tells me....Oprah has fallen into the trap of being a PP (Power Pleaser) for so long now she is numb to it.  I have seen her over the years go from a hard news reporter interviewer to a Gospel according to Oprah one.  If she thinks you have some power behind you she will promote you as the next Dr. Oz and/or Phil etc.

My intuition today tells me she has lost her skills to do a hard interview.  Now that I hear she is struggling with her fame she took on the the King Betrayer of all time.  Communications 101 when doing a hard interview you have the person come to you on your turf and your environment and no one else allowed except of course a trusty lawyer.  Evidently Armstrong has told so many lies over the years he needed ten trusty lawyers in the room with him and made Oprah come to him on his turf.   Is she this desperate for attention?  Then she told the news media she was surprised she did not have to ask Lance her prepared questions because he already had all the answers.  REALLY!!!!?????

What other traits did I come up with today that are like my mother that I now see in me?  Her inclination to pre-judge others, her desire to manage on her own and do her own thing, her commitment to health and fitness, her decision to wear trousers most every day because it fit her lifestyle, never changed her hairstyle, and in later years kept a smile on her face and a positive attitude.

Now I am going to turn on the TV news cast and see how the L/O interview came off and see if my intuition was right this time.  That Oprah got scammed.  I will be joining the zillions of others who will be giving their opinion until I will get to turn to the Lakers game and later Project Runway.  Maybe we really are all more alike than not????


  1. Very interesting post. I will have to watch the Oprah interview and come back to discuss results with you. But for now, hope you are feeling better. Could be flu. Wasn't there a book years ago, "My Mother, Myself"?Did you ever read it? I did, have forgotten details, but think it's what you say: we grow up to be our mothers.

  2. I have seen some Oprah shows in the past, c. four years ago. Nothing negative to say about them.
    Today I´ve heard only bits of the program you are referring to from the radio, and again - nothing negative to say.
    But then, you know Oprah and Armstrong much better.
    However, I see nothing of my mother in me. I´m serious. My mother was not mentally ok, she had a twisted mind.
    I´m not claiming that I have no faults, but I won´t sign the saying- we grow up to be our mothers. Sometimes we might grow to be not our mothers, right ; )?

  3. ... Just wanted to wish you a quick recovery : ):