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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Power Of Unconditional Love

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood but I am no Mr. Rogers today.  I sit here from my second story apartment on this beautiful sunshiny day watching the world jog bye with my cold taking a turn for the worse.  I am mad, sad, and yes, plain bad attitude.
I do have some thoughts on the Lance Armstrong case and received a package in the mail yesterday from that was a successful online purchase after vowing never to order anything ever online again.

The question yesterday and probably today all over the news channels by friends, relatives, co-workers, team members, those who had spent years writing books about Lance and many others who at least one should have been able to see this coming but no......everyone kept asking, "Why now?"  What could possibly be his reason for confession after all these years?   My question is why were none of his followers able to figure it out???

I'm not sure when I started lying.  I do think it was full blown by High School   I lied about everything to most name, where I lived, forged my mothers name. cheated on tests, and remember waking up each morning sorting through all the lies and keeping straight who I had told what lies to and had quite a chess game going on in my head.  The closest I came to getting caught was being called to the Principals office with a forged note but my mother did not want me to get in trouble so she told them it was her signage.  I am not sure when I stopped but I do know my lying came from low self esteem so maybe maturity stepped in,  a desire for growth and change?   I was never fed by money and fame to keep the lies alive which may have been harder to stop.

How did no one see this coming?
Your children are yours to feed.  You already have the power to feed them truths or feed them lies.  You do not have to earn that right it is just God given   I forgot he had children.  Yes I went along with the chatter about his drive for fortune and fame, his ruthless desire for power and leadership, his need to control everything and everyone around him.  But for one thing,  when an innocent child comes to you with unconditional love all controls and power are off the table.  There is no where to go.  The bike hits the wall.  Unconditional love is a free gift that just cannot turn your back on have to receive it and be responsible for it.  How did no one see it would be his children would bring him to his need to come clean.   He had to encourage his own children to fight for something that was a lie and he could not take that step.   So the choice is always made when there is no choice.

Now I need a new perspective and some inspiration from one of my favorite authors who captures in one sentence all of my feelings on this day.
                  "In spite of illness, in spite even of the arch enemy sorrow, one can remain alive
                    if unafraid of change, curious, and happy in small ways."
The package that arrived on my doorstep yesterday was a treat because it actually lived up to its promise.  I have been experimenting with many different brands of eyeshadows over the past few months none to my likeing.   I finally decided to take a chance on a pallette from Balm called....
"Nude-tude".  The quality and texture of the product is the best I have found and I created a new smokey eye look today.  Now all I need to get is a better attitude!


  1. We're sisters in illness ; I actually took sick leave today (hate that !) because I have bronchitis. I'll go back tomorrow and try not to spread germs, but being away from work is too complicated at the moment. Love the post about Armstrong, you made some good points there !

  2. I agree with Silver Bunny that your thoughts about Armstrong are very perceptive. Don't feel too badly about being down-in-the-mouth right now. It's January. I feel the same way and I've talked to others feeling the same way. Does this happen as we get older? I don't remember this month affecting me this badly in years past. I am gearing up to turn over a near leaf come February; planning for it; determining not to be an old stick-in-the-mud. We shall write off January! We are allowed to!! Onward and upward!!!

  3. The look on his little boy's face in your second photo is now heartbreaking. I hope he builds his life on something honest from now on. Not for the public, but for them.

  4. Feel better! You've got all the right stuff in you!