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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beware What You Are Ready To Pay

How much are you willing to pay for  Chanel  eyeglasses?  More than for Coach right?  What if you knew they were both made by the  exact same company?  The only difference is for the Chanel eye wear they manufacture the Chanel logo on them and for some others put the Coach logo on them.  But they are all manufactured by the same company.
Google image Chanel sunglasses
Google image for Coach sunglassesAdd caption
I just watched a segment on the magazine show called 60 Minutes and a company called Luxottica is manufacturing all the major eye glasses.  Lucky I do not care a thing about logos.  The story said who cares if all American brands are designed by Italians?   It is all the same.  If we are willing to pay $200.00 for a $30.00 item then that is what we will pay.  Oh and Luxottica also owns an insurance company that will insure your eye problems and sell you the exams you need plus the lenses.  Oh please help me.  This is going on more than we know.

Let's talk about shoes.  It is all just an illusion of choice.  The same company is manufacturing our shoes.  What if you prefer Chanel shoes?
Google image Chanel shoes
Or maybe you have a special affinity towards Coach?
Google image Coach shoes
The same manufacturer will be producing the shoes and they will be worth what people are ready to pay for them.  Think about it.  When people say you are only paying for the label we all now know it is true.

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  1. interesting to find this post! A friend of mine recently found a lost pair of "chanel" sunglasses. She was thrilled for a few minutes until she realized they were fake. I told her NO ONE would ever lose a pair of real ones, they are too expensive. She checked them out at Nordstrom's and almost fainted! I say, SO not worth it!