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Thursday, October 4, 2012

When In Doubt, Dance

Once again I am what is called eligible for unemployment.  One week ago we completed our research projects and now I am in a waiting period for more work.  When this happens I have learned over the years to relax and enjoy the ride instead of panic as before.  So last Friday I went shopping, on the weekend I went to ballet classes and starting this week I just did the yoga thing and took one day at a time to live in the moment.  If I did not have the EXTREME BALLET (for me) class at Bodyvox to look forward to each evening I may be climbing the walls with needing more action.  These advanced classes are the most challenging activity I have ever done.
Google Photo of Bodyvox the ballet studio

Never thinking of myself as a Type A Personality  by today day four of not having to set my alarm and get up to go to work I start making my own work plans.  I thought it was going to be another very windy Fall day so I made a commitment to clean my apartment thoroughly.  That means being on my hands and knees a lot.  I threw open the doors and windows because it turned out to be a fabulous sunshiny day with little wind, I put on the CD by Renee Olstead  at full volume and danced as I cleaned.....yes just like in some old fashioned musicals.

My life feels like a musical now that I think about it.   Mostly fluff with very little dialogue and little storyline.

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