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Thursday, October 11, 2012

One Artists Evolution With A Crochet Hook

After work today I took a beautiful Fall late afternoon walk along the river.  The sun was shining through a soft 4PM haze with  all the rich colors of orange, amber, gold, and dark wines surrounding me with a feeling of health and well being  that only my nature walk can give me.  Then home to watch the VP Presidential debate and I notice I am getting anxious, I cannot sit still, I wonder why I subject myself to this media?   Within the hour I realize all my life energy has drained away.

  I flipped the channel and came upon Oregon Artbeat on OPB.  Like magic I was smiling and then even spellbound.    The artist that made me come back to a feeling of pure JOY with her story is Jo Hamilton.  I Googled her and if you want a real treat please do it too.

Here is how I remember the story.  She started to crochet at age six with her Grandmother teaching
 her how to make a Granny Square.  Jo says, "If you can make a Granny Square you can crochet just about anything".  I am sure that does not apply to me but who cares.  This is about Jo,  She is AMAZING!!!  She was working in a restaurant here in Portland, Oregon and decided to crochet a scene of this whole entire city with bridges and rivers and all.  Yes she did.  Her co-workers teased her about all her crocheting and she told them she could crochet "them".   And so she did.  She started crocheting portraits of her co-workers.   This to me is soooo heartwarming.  Taking a simple craft that your Grandmother teaches you and turn it into a life long artistic endeavor that you love and who knows where it will continue to evolve???

My mother tried to teach me to crochet but it did not hold my interest.  If you like to or even if you do not I would encourage you to Google Jo Hamilton crochet artist and it will lead you to a website that allows you to see many more of her real life portraits that she creates beginning with the eyes. 
Google image Jo Hamilton Design Boom web site

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