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Friday, October 19, 2012

How Does Marketing Affect You

Did you see the movie "The Candidate" with Robert Redford?.  It is a must see.  I have seen most all of his movies.  For me he is the greatest actor for his "subtleties".   I adore a glance, an expression. a silence, that speaks volumes.  I think Redford is a master at that.  So much harder to deliver than dialogue because it has to be honest and come from deep within you to be believable. 
Let's talk about believable.  Are you going to watch the third Presidential debate?  It is all about the marketing.  First look at the tie.  Red is more powerful than blue I have heard and a brown suit is never a good idea.  The smiles, the laugh, the inflection of indignation all have to be choreographed to come across as natural when in fact is anything but.  Obama realized that in his first debate when he came out as himself only to realize when one is oneself the television cameras project it as being half asleep.  Is this because we are conditioned by watching  UNREALITY shows that give us constants fighting , bickering, actual physical fighting sometimes?   Our dramas, sitcoms  news,  have to entertain us and of course our Presidential debates.

Today it is all about the Marketing.  If you do not know how to be an Oprah, Kris Jenner or a Martha Stewart type then forget about what it is you want to do.  The show the Shark Tank is a lesson in Marketing 101 without having to sign up for a class.  Look at Barbara Corcoran.
Just last night she called herself a "marketing genius".  She was dressed exactly like this picture and spoke those words and she IS the real deal.  She seems to have the number one skill in America,  The President of the United States is elected by who has the most money to hire the best PR/Marketing available.

Tory Burch a well known fashion designer never went to design school.  Her degrees and career experience is in PR and Marketing and marrying a billionaire.  I am not a fan of her fashion but on a news interview she said $425 for a dress is reasonable.  Well not in my world.  But I did splurge big time on a new bag today.  I saw it 3 weeks ago prominently displayed/marketed on a table at Nordstrom.  It caught my eye then and again the following week and again today.  But this was more subtle.  It was not a good deal.  It also was not someone giving me any of the marketing last chance, coupons, points, etc. It was just a simple transaction of an item catching my eye,  picking it up, holding it, looking in different mirrors over and over again then leaving it alone.  A week later after looking at many alternatives this bag was calling my name.
When you are purchasing items for yourself are you aware of the marketing behind it or do you turn a deaf ear and just go for what you want?  It seems now one has to join or become a member to get a discount or credits.  I like to think I have free will to shop at a store because I want to not because I have a reward card. 


  1. In removing the Disqus feature on my blog all of my comments went away. WHAT???

  2. I want to thank everyone who has left comments on my blogs. When I removed the Disqus feature all of the comments went away. A friend told me she tested leaving a comment now and it did not publish. I am leaving my own comments now and they are publishing just fine. And in removing the Disqus feature it looks like it is leaving the photo ID and connection to blog as I wanted. Hopefully all is working well now. Please let me know of any problems. Thank you all.

  3. Interesting post. I'm sure I am influenced by marketing - let's face it, living in London makes it pretty hard to get away from it - but I hope that I also have my own mind. Unfortunately the world (online and offline) seems to be very much populated by people who know extremely well how to market themselves without much of another talent...meow ;-)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. The 100% cacao I used is a brand called Hasslacher's which I found here in London.

    Have a lovely evening xo

    1. I love your "meow".....Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in London. If my family did not live here in the States I would want to move to London.

  4. Hi' I am glad you were successful in disengaging the DIsque feature! That is instructive to all of us to never sign up for that feature. Sorry you lost all previous comments. Sometimes it's a real struggle wading through all the apps, options and gadgets required to work successfully in this technological world.

    Great post. I love Redford too. Agree with you that everything these days is about marketing. I like to think I'm not terribly I influenced by the hype -- that I follow my common sense and instincts when making a purchase. On the other hand, I often see a food or cleaning product advertised and say I want to try that!

    Love your new handbag!

    1. I work in Market Research and think the whole field of Marketing is fascinating. I know not buying into all the various department stores and taking advantage of their promotions I may be missing out on some great deals but I like to keep my life simple, uncluttered, and a sense of freedom from having to worry about what stores are having discounts this week and if I have coupons or whatever their gimmick is of the month. Maybe the days when one went shopping for an item that was priced at the top of the market and then marked down if and when it did not move was too simple of a concept and they now need you to be a member in their store system in order to get an additional 20 percent off. Like you I wonder how many times I reach for a product at the grocery store because of how they market it to attract me.

  5. I totally understand what you're saying about marketing.