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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Image Matters

On my way home from my Wednesday morning walk I pass by a news stand.  USA Today had a photo of Michael Phelps with a huge caption that read "THE GREATEST".
Google photo Michael Phelps
Okay........I guess.  After losing one event, not even qualifying for another one, losing a third,  finally his team mates give him a win and a medal.  Technically the greatest but actually the most decorated.  I don't know why just does not impress me much.

Watching the Olympics is much better than watching our Presidential race. In this era of mega media image is everything.  It seems people are in search of a father figure to help them cling to their cell phones and credit cards so the stylists have Romney all decked out to look like Father Knows Best.
Google photo Father Knows Best

Google photo Governor Romney
"I'm gonna' fix the economy", he says from the scripts written for him.  He does look like the fictionary daddy we grew up with on TV.  It could work.

Then we have President Obama that looks more like "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?"  He is called a rock star and he is much more like the  leading man who gets the girl rather than the stodgy old father figure.
Google photo President Obama
Speaking of THE GREATEST.  It is no secret who gets my vote.  Today I am celebrating another day of vacation with the sun on my toes, ballet class tonight and wonder if there is somewhere I should volunteer my services?  Maybe I will quietly focus on hoping we don't go back to the 1950's.  Seriously!!!
Google photos 1950


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