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Friday, August 31, 2012

Is It Your Attitude Or Your Lifestyle

Over at Advanced Style we have Ari posting a soon to be released documentary about Iris Apfel.  The promo looks truly inspiring even though her lifestyle and mine are light years apart.  She claims style is all attitude, attitude, attitude and I agree.  But I would add ones lifestyle dictates how we dress even more than attitude.  She attends gala events and art exhibits in New York it appears on a regular basis.  It also seems she has a lifestyle of the rich and famous that few of us have.  Yet I agree with her message whole-heartedly that we each could come out of our shell and express ourselves even more than we do with the clothes we wear.  No matter what our lifestyle.
Google photo Iris Apfel 
 Now this looks like a million dollars but way too cumbersome for the way I work and my general activities.  I work in an environment where "anything goes" so I can have as much fun and creativity in my choices as I can come up with.   I like to take risks and it is fun to experiment with different looks.  The trick is looking elegant for the occasion.  Sitting at a computer on the phone does not speak to a wardrobe of clothing the same as the ladies who "lunch".  Taking five ballet classes a week  means when not at work I am going to and from the dance studio where  I only like to wear items I can throw in the washer and dryer.  When out and about on my own at the neighborhood library, the grocery store, shopping at the malls and boutiques I do not mind drawing attention to myself but I want it to be subtle.  A look that is noticeable but more like a pleasant scent than one that draws stares.
Google photo Iris Apfel  definitely not a part of my world

 In other words I think my "ATTITUDE" is fun loving and free,  romantic and flamboyant at times, but my lifestyle is more demure.  I know their are no rules and yet I wonder where my inner critique voice comes from?  I do not have someone in my past that I can identify as my teacher on how to dress. Do you know where your style comes from?  Where did you get your ideas about "good taste"?  Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, seem to be a standard.  Is it from the movies and celebrities that speak to us about our own personal style?  Or is it simply a comfortable look that blends in with your environment?  Is it personality type or economics?  What is you attitude when getting dressed each day?

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