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Friday, August 17, 2012

Will Power-How To Get Some

It's Friday and 100 degrees.  I love the sun and enjoy hot temps.  I am such a baby when it gets cold and whine and complain willingly so when it is hot......I just smile and enjoy the ride knowing it passes within a day or two in this town.  I do not like air-conditioning so I wet a towel with cold water to wrap around my neck and I'm good.  It does seem to zap my energy but since I have  not had work and ballet classes are few in August my routine has just naturally slowed to enjoy the lazy days of summer while maintaining an exercise program that will keep my muscles from turning to mush.

Today I did get the call to come back to work next week which means I will have an income to pay for ballet classes and will return to my regular scheduled  programming.
These are my training wheels.  An old pair of soft shoes to wear at home to remind myself temporarily cutting back on training only exacerbates the problems when once again training seriously.  The ageing athlete needs consistency.  I do not see ballet dancers in class even close to my age and could be the dedication it takes just to get to class.  I recently read about the issue is not ageing so much as it is failing to adequately and appropriately change our life style and training regimen as we get older.  It is definitely a relationship that has to be tended to with love and will power.

Many people ask me why I spend so much time and energy not to mention dollars it takes for ballet classes?  Uh, because it's fun for me to challenge myself to improve at impossible odds.  A recent study about "will power" showed people who work on their posture improved control in all areas of their lives.  Because of my ballet training plus teaching yoga for 25 years I think working on my posture has improved my will power.  Yes if you could sell "will power" this would be the poster child.
Google photo Good Posture

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