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Thursday, August 2, 2012

When You've Got It Flaunt It

My favorite thing is not going to museums or arts and crafts fairs.  I would much rather see the artist in the act of creation.  No matter if your element is sculpture in wood or metal or glass, make quilts, paint in oils, I am fascinated in watching how you go about the process.

So you can imagine my favorite television show of all time is Project Runway.  Already my favorites for this season are Ven and Dmitry.  I am in awe of everyone who competes on that show.   And Tim Gunn is perfect in his role of mentor.  He tells one of the contestants "Get into a nice calm zone and work work work work."  That would be good advice for all of us when we have to do some house cleaning or any chore that we keep putting off.

One of my ballet friends needs to audition for PR. She showed me pictures of a dress she made for a Circus theme party all out of popcorn bags.
Cmon'......anyone who can make an outfit out of these has to at least try out for the show.

One of the highlights is when the contestants show what they have created and Heidi exclaims, "I would totally wear that!!!"  It always brings to mind how many times she has appeared on Fashion Police and not in a good way.
Why do I think if I had all the money in the world and access to choose any outfit I wanted I would never get it wrong!!  And yes, I also like contestants who are full of themselves too!  GO VEN!!!!  GO DMITRY!!!!

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