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Monday, August 13, 2012

What Is Style?

Starting week four with no work projects.  This is the longest I can remember going without work.  Each time I tell myself it is never worth the fret I put myself through  because everything always works out.  Yet each and every time it feels like a different situation.  Now once again my mind wants to go into worry mode even when I remind myself I am just making up stories.  Learning from past experiences is not helpful when one never knows anything for sure!!!

This absolutely exquisite yet apprehensive summer time vacation allows me to work on myself.  Just watching my thoughts is a huge learning experience.  Last night I started reading, "All We Know" by Lisa Cohen.  "What is style" is a question she asks Marguerite Young an American author.

Google photo Marguerite Young 1908 - 1995

She replied:  Style is "thinking".  A riddle of unconscious excitement and conscious choices style is a way to fascinate oneself and others ----and to transform oneself and the world.

 Style is an attempt to make the ordinary and the tragic moments bearable.

Style is a didactic impulse that aspires to banish doubt, a form of certainty about everything illusive and uncertain.  Style is at once fleeting and lasting and it has everything to do with excess---even when its excesses are those of austerity or self-denial. It tells all kinds of stories about the public and the private life.
 As a form of pleasure for oneself and an audience-----and an expression of the wish to exceed and confound expectations to be exceptional. Style is a response to the terror of invisibility and isolation----a wish for inclusion.

Above all style is a productive act that although it concerns itself with the creations and experiences of brilliant surfaces is powerful because it unsettles what we think we know about the superficial and the profound.
I can relate perfectly with all Marguerite Young had to say about style.  For me I would say it is about "feeling".  As soon as I look in the mirror I can feel if it is what I want to say at the time.  I would love to hear any and all thoughts you have about style.  Do you think it speaks louder than words? 

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