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Monday, August 20, 2012

What To Do With A 76" x 38" Scarf

Over the years watching videos on how to tie a scarf I have never found a way that suits me.  Basically I just do not like anything around my neck so I just admire others in their scarves and leave it at that.  When one of my best friends showed up at the Mall in a scarf tied to wear as a vest and or a dress I HAD TO try it.  And I love it only it is NOT editorial.

Maybe it is because I take my own photos with a tripod, a small point and shoot Canon and know nothing about how to use lenses or lighting that has something to do with it as well.  Yet I hear two different sides to that story.  One is to get yourself a good camera and learn how to use it before you embarrass yourself posting pics.  The second story is it's not about the camera it s about getting experience taking photos.

My story is my outfits are not EDITORIAL!!  Do not judge by these pictures how this translates in real life.  If you have a scarf 76" x 38" or close to those dimensions and want to try it let me know.  I can easily email the instructions on how to tie it.  Believe me it is FUN!!

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