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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where Did You Get Those Boots

The other day one of the sellers on the television home shopping networks said the reason shoes and boots are so expensive is  because of Sex And The City.  That manufacturers figured out how much we love our shoes so they can charge us way more than ever before.  Since boots are my weakness and no matter how many I own my eyes are always drawn to the shoe department.  Luckily the more expensive the boots get the harder it is for me to find a pair worth buying.
Jeffrey Campbell Black Studded Leather 

My number one priority when I choose a boot is comfort.  These are not it.  This style is available at all the high end department stores.  If one does not go clubbing where would one wear these?  Art exhibit events?  But then again I need more than comfort.  My other priority is some kind of style and a heel or wedge at least 3 inches high.
These are available in every rainbow color and obviously will dress up a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a tee from Guess.  But not for me.

Guess opened a new outlet at one of the shopping malls here and they have far more signage on their clothing than ever   This store is crammed full of items that have their signage all over it and whatever do they do with all of it that does not sell?   The only thing I can think of is they give it to some charity that sends it to a third world country where they tear it all up into rags to make huts out of and to wrap themselves in for warmth.  If you go to the Guess online store you will only see a few items with GUESS written on it but in the stores it is full of it.  Does that mean even they are embarrassed to have that much signage on their clothing?  They have been doing it for years now so it is paying off somehow.

Now to prove there is no accounting for taste I will show you a tee shirt I bought this weekend at the mall.  I found it at Express another store that likes to put signage on their tees.   This photo would not attract me to this tee at all but when I put it on because it is an asymetrical tunic it has an interesting look and would go great with those Jeffrey Campbell boots and leather leggings.  No, I am not doing that!!!!!!

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