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Friday, September 21, 2012

Who Are You Wearing

Tomorrow I will be going to a morning ballet class and shopping at the Mall in the afternoon.  Each store is so predictable but at least I can feel the fabric and try on the fit to see if the price is any where near worth it.  What is really getting predictable is the way every fashion item from clothes, to make-up, accessories and perfume has a celebrity name attached to it.

The items of clothing I see online just do not fit into my personal lifestyle.  This item is lovely but does not translate to any of my activities.
Google photo NYFW 
Google photo image NYFW
 Nor is this item relevant in any way to an office job, ballet class, chores, Starbucks.
Giulliana Rancic on HSN

Soon it may be impossible to find anything in the fashion world for sale without a famous name attached to it.  The same people you see in your living room on your favorite shows will also be hanging in your closet, on your face, and your favorite scent.

The place where you will find your favorite stars selling you the items that they have supposedly designed and wear themselves is HSN and QVC.  Tonight it was GR's night.  She had leggings for $66.97 with shipping and handling that looked exactly like a pair I bought for $20.00 at the Mall last week.  She had a scarf the same dimensions as I bought at Nordsroms for $24.00 but with her name on it the price is $37.00.  A blouse with pleats on the front, with a tie at the neck you can remove that  I have seen in every store at the Mall she was pitching as being totally unique.  Really?????

The upshot is the home shopping networks get free PR from viewers calling in and gushing over the celebrity of the hour in ways that no amount of advertising campaigns could ever come up with.  It boggles my mind where all this is going.  Instead of seeing THE GAP or GUESS on tees, and sweat shirts we can see as often GIULLIANA, and IMAN.

Excuse me now while I watch my Friday night show Fashion Police.  No I do not own any Joan Rivers jewelry, sunglasses, or clothing she sells on QVC.  If she or any of the famous personalities had any items I thought were interesting and worth the shipping and handling I surely would order mine now before it was too late.

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