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Saturday, September 15, 2012

When You Fall In Love

Fashion faux paux's I think they call it.  An outfit that misses the mark. This is how I felt today wearing a dress that is too short and just not my style.
It's okay. It is too short.  A perfect example of why I normally do not purchase items when I go shopping.  It is getting harder to find anything that I consider "me".  From now on a renewed vow is to never buy anything  that I am not 100 percent in love with.  I already know I cannot trust anything I see online. I wonder though if there are any items of clothing out there that I can physically find at a store, feel the fabric, try it on, and know it is the one?  Is it just me or are clothes in general going down hill?  Why did I ever settle for something like this?  When I don't even wear stripes.  No it does not look any better when standing up straight.
 Later in the day I went shopping for leggings.  I tried on five pair of different labels all in the $65.00 to $99.00 price range just to see if they fit better than the $20.00 leggings.  The answer a resounding NOOOOO!  My lifestyle is perfect for leggings, top, and blazer to wear with heels, shooties, or boots.  I then looked for boots.  Of course the heel height I want is no where to be found and who decided we wanted slouch boots year after year after year?  If they are not slouch then they are flat soled and look like ones the guys wear under their jeans.

At least hunting for clothes I like is much more fun than looking for a man.  I cannot imagine how hard that is these days yet my two friends who married today found each other online and after four years of having great fun together they decided to go all the way.  They are the perfect couple and a great example that anything and everything is possible. 

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  1. That's not too short, you look fantastic! I should add this pic to my post on minis. This is a perfect example of how great women our age (ahem) can look when they put it together well.