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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do You Love What You Do

Here is the old-fashioned way to spend time alone...
Image of how I like to relax
Here is the 2012 way to spend alone time...
Google image woman relaxing
Taking Advanced Ballet classes along side professional dancers can be very intimidating.  There is an article in Runners World magazine titled Rewire Your Brain.  I have been trying it out but usually forget as soon as I walk in to the huge performance studio.  The idea is fear and doubts are natural emotions.  In order to not worry so much focus on the process of improving and surround yourself with positive thoughts of confidence.  This is helpful to me while getting dressed for class, and driving to class but the moment I walk through the doors I feel surrounded by the 2012 images of dancers while I feel like the old-fashioned one.

The article goes on to say the people are most intimidated by faster runners than anything else.  This is the true for ballet class.  It is not the combinations being too difficult that is worrisome, it is letting myself feel intimidated by the better dancers.   What is helpful so far is to just go for it.  The addiction to dance is like to ice cream.  At first I limit myself to a bowl at a time and soon no need for a bowl I just eat the whole carton.  When I first started at this new studio it was so stressful I had to limit myself to one class a week.   After three months I realized I did not have to hold myself back.

Now within one and the same class I can feel like I am slogging through blinding rain that will never end... just enjoying the class rain and all... some moments of pure bliss....
This is why I love to dance.

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