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Friday, December 2, 2011

Auditioning For Life

 Here is some useful information.  Well, maybe if I have to tell you it is useful that is the first problem.  I have issues with what people consider their expertise.  I read a book one time that was talking about if anyone calls them self an expert or master of the other way.  Those who really know what they are speaking of through much study and personal experience do not label them self a Master.  My best teachers have told me to experiment for my self.

But do I really want to be auditioning all the time for living live the best that I can?  Or do I want someone that, you got the are ????   I am here to say, "life is a dress rehearsal". 

We are auditioning always for pretend roles that we think we should be playing and dressing for it the way we think we should look like in that role and who am I?  Once in college I took a class called "Who Am I?"  It was awesome.  One time we had to be quiet and do nothing  for 3 hours.  HELP!!  My whole life flashed before me I had so many chores and things I needed or rather my mind told me I needed to do.  I did as directed and those 3 hours were a life changing experience. 

So my suggestion is when constantly auditioning for roles to play find a space in time where you just STOP!  Would you think if it could be life changing you may just do it on a regular basis?  Oh no.   I have not figured out what is so extremely difficult for me to "not do anything" other than my life conditioning is to do , do , do.  I wish I was over it.....or do I?  it may be the wisdom of living a healthy life is to stop auditioning and just be who you are.

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