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Friday, December 9, 2011

Barack Obama Being Judged

How can anyone even think about anyone on the planet being a better President?   I always thought Steve Croft was a pretty decent interviewer until hearing him question Obama.  Steve is hammering on about the stupid poll numbers.  So what?  Why is he trying to be a Fox news reporter type and be sensational in his line of questioning?    Example "the general perception is........".  STOP!!!  That is like me saying, "Everyone knows 60 Minutes is a low life news show in step with Fox. 

Obama is the first President that I have had any feelings for whatsoever.  Also I know

I am the odd one out when it comes to the people I admire.  I loved Michael Jackson and knew he was a genius ALWAYS......all during his trials and tribulations.  I like Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest when others cannot tolerate the sound of their names. 

Is Obama a radical socialist or not tough enough?  That is the stupidity of the questioning going on tonight  on TV and the President has to lower himself to the common denominator of 3rd grade mentality and address this petty and trivial interview.  I am not one who thought Obama was going to be our great hope of making this country operate in a way that would be helpful for me.  I did know that he has the kind of values and compassion for humanity that I can relate to and no one even comes close to being worthy of walking in his shoes.

Now one more opinion not from Oprah or Dr. Phil but does anyone else think that way too many people are wearing dark glasses as a fashion statement?  Do people really like to see a face with the eyes blacked out?  



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