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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Useful Information

Where is my voice going?  My least favorite blogs are the professional ones that give so called "useful information".  I only go to those blogs when I am seeking out a certain activity such as, how to cut my own bangs, how to apply eyeliner pencils, etc.  But the ones that are formatted like a magazine that is telling me what's in and thanks.

Today I emailed my friend from Spain to tell her I want a place that people can go for health care that is not a Dr.,s Office, not the emergency room of a hospital, not an Urgent Care, and not a Natural College of Medicine or a Oriental College of Medicine.  My friend and I pride ourselves on taking responsibility for our own health and yet when things go awry each of us has had to resort to the aforementioned so called health care places.  I have had the best care at the Oriental College of Medicine and praise their work but sometimes I have ailments that I don't think acupuncture is really necessary.  But I love their non-invasive approach to diagnosing my illnesses where the other choices scare me with their tactics.

Where could we go for 'useful information" and help when we need a place to go for a healthy consultation?   My friend said we could start a "foster health care center".  I like it.  A place where you could turn to when Dr. Google does not work for you.  A place where doctors would be the kind that used to make house-calls but we would go to them instead.  They would have a bedside manner and not have to pay billions for their equipment so not interested in giving you a million different tests to pay for their overhead.  I know there is a group called "Mad As Hell Doctors".....maybe they would be interested in starting a foster care for those of us who do not need surgery but rather a good listener and the ability to give some sound useful information!!!

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