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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Night Dream

HELLO.....what I did today.  Bought myself a tripod and a card reader.  My camera is now mounted and since I have never taken a picture with the camera I am procrastinating.  It is Saturday night and after shopping all day my patience level is not going to be enough to start dealing with learning how to take my picture.  Then after I take it I guess about 6 to 50 times then I will have to learn how to use the reader and when I get it plugged into my computer I have no idea what to do from there.  I am hoping it will be self explanatory?  For sure.

One blogger I like is Chic on the Cheap and she takes awesome pictures.  Come to find out her brother is a professional photographer.  She told me it does not matter what camera you have it is the eye behind the camera .  We shall see.  She has a Canon SLR, I have a Sony Cybershot.  What are my chances to have an eye good enough to match a almost thousand dollar SLR?  My plan is to get an SLR and then taking classes.  For now I need just a Point and Shoot class that does not start until Spring.  So I will have to experiment until then.  Yikes!!

You're a what friends would say to me growing up.  Your head is in the clouds they would say.  That is kind of how I feel this Saturday night.  Like I am in a dream and not facing the reality of tomorrow when I will have to actually figure out how to use my equipment.  And stick with it instead of throwing my hands up and go back into dream mode.

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