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Monday, May 7, 2012

I Want To Be Me

Coming up is my fun trip to be with my daughter and grandchildren in Arkansas.  This time we will spend some time vacationing on the beaches of Dustin, Florida.  We will have workout sessions each day and all  outdoor activities in temperatures 90 degrees and above.

My wardrobe will be tees, shorts, sandals and some workout gear.  I am fine being overdressed for any and all occasions but I always bring way too many items in order to look more interesting than the natives.  Since I  have to carry my own bags through the airports this year I will be paring down and skipping anything superfluous

In America "the land of the free" means it is impossible to go anywhere and be under dressed.  Except maybe if you are barefoot.  Anything else gets you through the door without anyone saying a word.  The uniform at the beach no matter where you go day or evening is flip flops, tank top, and shorts.  This will not be my style but I will do something similar.

The place where I like to be more stylish is the airport.  I have to be warm on the plane which means slip on shooties instead of sandals, white jeans instead of shorts, and what would be considered a stylish top instead of a tee shirt.  I was going to wear a denim jacket that fits into the country atmosphere I'm heading to but I don't feel like myself  when I wear it.

  I found this light weight cotton coat and though I do not like that it is black I like the romantic style and with white jeans and polka dot top I will feel more like an expression of myself even if it is just hanging out in airports waiting for my flight.

A very poor photo of my romantic coat


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