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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Photography Is Teaching Me

First time out with my camera a few days ago I can see how much fun it could be if I had the time for it.  I really have to make some choices in my life about what activities I can keep in and what I need to put on the back burner.  I know now that lighting is what makes a photo interesting and why the importance of going out at certain times of day.  Also one important piece of info that I found to be true is to "stop moving".  I found myself missing shots because I was trying to get some exercise in while carrying my camera and this is not conducive to taking the best photos.  It takes focus in more ways that one so to fit it in my lifestyle right now is not going to work.

Google photo Gelsey Kirkland performer
Google photo Gelsey now
Google photo Farrell performer
My love of ballet classes is dominating my free time right now.   I am grateful to be able to take five  classes a week and I would gladly do more if I could.  No other exercise even comes close to the joy of dance for me.  I cannot even imagine what it is like for Suzanne Farrell and Gelsey Kirkland who were professionals and then had to retire.  I know Suzanne said she still takes class every morning because it is like brushing her teeth.  She cannot continue her day without it.

Google photo Suzanne Farrell now

When I signed up for my first ballet class the teacher told me if I took only one class a week I would not see any improvement.  In order to experience any progression one needs to take at least two classes or more a week.  Photography is like a relationship as well and needs time to devote to it.  

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