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Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Makes You Cheer

I have no idea what I was doing or thinking at the age of three.  My recall does not go beyond the age of about age six when my sister was born.  Before that my life is not on my radar.  I do remember being extremely shy in grade school and high school.  Basically the only thing I remember about grade school is being  a snowflake in a Snowball dance performance and wanting to be Gretal in Hansel and Gretal.   Instead I  was assigned to be one of the witches  riding a broom and was so mortified I did not want to go out on stage and prayed no one would know it was me.  In high school I do not remember participating in any activities.

My desire was only to "be free" and on my own.  To do what I had no idea.  Then along came marriage and children and my desire to dance did not show up until very late in life.  My daughter knew in eighth grade she wanted to pursue basketball.  She went on to earn a full basketball scholarship to Howard University in Texas and went on to be a basketball and volleyball coach that she loves.

Lauren age three
Along comes my granddaughter who grew up in a gym.  As soon as she saw the cheerleaders she had to join in.   Now she is twelve and will be trying out for the Junior High Lady
 Bulldogs Cheer Squad next Friday.   Forty girls try out and only 15 accepted.  If she is selected she wants to go on to be part of the Senior High Competitive Cheer Squad.  Go Lauren.....Go Lauren.....
Lauren age twelve

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