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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plans To Push My Edge

Many years ago I came across a favorite poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer called "The Invitation" Then several years ago she came to visit Portland to promote her book The Dance" and I went to see her.  I remember her being very happy, a childhood sweetheart had come back into her life, she was a writer, a workshop presenter, and to me radiated a life that I wanted.  Everything she was doing made sense.  Everything seemed to fit.  Her life was creative and flowing along beautifully in my perspective.  Like a dance.

A few days ago I decided to Google her name.  Her blog appeared called "The Green Bough".  The title of her most recent post to my surprise "Divorce Day Revelations".  The post title that really intrigued me though was "Pushing My Edge".  She has signed on for a workshop in September 2012 called "Tango As A Door To Presence".  She goes on to outline all the reasons this will be a major "push" for her. 

Inspiration comes from many places.  When I return from vacation networking and collaboration is my plan realizing plans are easy..... the "push" is in the execution.

Google Photo Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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