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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Never Too Late

Tonight ballet class was an ego blaster.  Let's just say I am about 50 years older than all the dancers in my class.  They must have started dance at the age of three and now in their twenties they audition and take classes and workshops on a regular basis putting in many hours a day.   I started dance in my 50's and have performed in recitals but my level of dance is still elementary only taking class an hour and a half a day four times a week does not make a dancer.   Then here comes....
John Lowe Photo PA/Chris Radburn

....John Lowe.  He began taking ballet classes at the age of 79 and performed at age 88 and in August 2009 was the oldest ballet performer in Ely, age 90.
 WHOA!!!  You go John!!!!  He said he thinks everyone should take ballet because of the workout and the beautiful music.  I echo that reason.  Even though we are conditioned to only seeing images of young dancers I think it is wonderful to see beauty in the mature dancer.  The story said he practices all day every day at home with a barre he installed in his apartment and a trapeze he uses to strengthen his upper body.  The thing is it does take a daily commitment and discipline that not all of us are capable of making for various reasons.  I wonder if I would be brave enough to quit my day job and go full out????  Dream on.

Yesterday a girl in my class who is a wife, and mother, and full time college teacher said to me after one of the more difficult  combinations........"if I get Alzheimer after this I'm going to be mad!!!!"  Same here.

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