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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Weekend of Riches

This Sunday morning was a runners paradise.  Cloudy, with spurts of sun shining through and mild temperature in the 60's.  So I tried applying the instructions I watched on the DVD "Chi of Running".  Yes, worked like a charm.  I actually had fun running for the first time ever!!!  No, I will not start training for a marathon.

Here is a quote I wrote down in my journal that I am questioning about myself:

"Develop a course for your life, whatever it is, dedicate yourself to it daily".

My purpose in life has always been a mystery to me yet I keep thinking one fine day I will have an "AHA" moment and connect with one thing that I can just devote my life to.

Google image of Bill Cunningham
This weekend I watched the "Bill Cunningham New York" documentary.  WOW!  What a beautiful man and the epitome of what it is to dedicate one's life to his passion of photography.  Personally I have never had a vision or a focus that I hear others have.  The closest I have come to it is at the age of about ten I went to see the movie "The Greatest Show On Earth" over and over and over again.  When I told my parents I was going to run away and join the circus to be a trapeze artist...

Google image of Betty Hutton in The Greatest Show On Earth
.... they said I did not want to do that but did not explain to me exactly why not?   When I got older I realized it would not have worked out.  I did take "The Artist's Way Workshop" many years ago hoping to hone in on my purpose here on earth but did not find it.

The expression "the thrill is in the hunt" must apply to me in all ways.  The INFP is the "Quester" after all.   In the meantime this afternoon I went to return a pair of jeans and found a fun pair of boots on sale for $15.00.  Yes my weekend was a success on  many levels.  Hope you had a happy weekend in your own way.  If you have any thoughts about a life purpose I would love to hear.

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