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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Personal Experiment

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It seems to have taken me forever to get my energy back after my vacation.  I arrived home on Tuesday and did not get to ballet class until last Saturday.   That evening I had to take ibuprofen for my aching legs.  I went back to class this Monday and our teacher set a combination that someone in the class called, "brutal".  He said, "Yes, isn't that why we are all here?  Aren't we all masochists that take ballet class?"

I thought last night I wanted to start a project but did not know what that would be?   I was looking at some blogs today and Mark's Daily Apple has a project called "Personal Experiment".  I think I will enter it  I have not been one that is good at setting goals or even making plans.  Even something simple like scheduling a hair appointment I have to cancel because something interferes.  The first part of the experiment is to have a GOAL.  I started sorting through all the reasons goals do not work for me and then realized the project is not called 'Personal Goal" it is only an experiment.

GOAL:  Lose 2 inches off my waist.  Experiment:  Exercise at least 30 minutes or more 7 days a week for 4 weeks eating less than 100 carbs a day.   Monday, ballet, Tuesday, ballet, Wednesday, ballet, Thursday. weights, Friday weights, Saturday, ballet, and Sunday a long walk on the river.  

.....after writing out this experiment I am not sure if I want this to be my project???

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