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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hooray The Olympics Are Coming......

When getting information about how to blog I came across a statement...."When blogging try to remember.... YOU.... are not interesting unless you are a celebrity of some kind".  IMO the opposite is true.  When I surf the blogesphere I seldom land on one that is personable enough for my taste.  I know not everyone cares about being personable.......take the Olympics for example..........
Google photo of London 2012 Olympic welcome
My ex-roommate loves the Opening Ceremonies.  I am usually busy doing something and have the TV on and every once in awhile will glance at the ceremony but very seldom does it hold my attention for long.  One year I was in awe and could not take my eyes away and I think that was the ones held in Japan.  My daughter also loves to watch the opening with all the different countries represented and it is pretty incredible when you live in a small town in Arkansas and have never traveled outside of the U.S. to realize there is a whole big wide world out there.  But not my favorite part.

I know the Olympics hire the most talented Marketing people money can buy to come up with a way for it to be the best of the best series ever.  I am not sure who told them to take the top contestants and highlight their personal stories but yes THAT is my favorite part.  Then watching them perform their sport is exciting for me.  Now I hear from my co-worker and various people that the Olympics are boring because they take too much time talking about all their personal stories.  WHAT???

Hopefully they will not do away with my favorite part but I wonder why people think the road that gets you to the Olympic level could be boring?  It is a journey that hardly anyone gets to travel and to hear how it all came about is fascinating to me.  I also marvel at the psychology of it all.  The level of dedication and discipline it takes.  I wish they would say what they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner but not through a PR agent to make it sound interesting.

 And I fear that is what could happen.  Then it all turns into one big "Reality Show" that is nothing to do with reality.  Except for the competition and you can't fake far thank you.
Google photo beautiful Michelle Kwan 2010 Olympics

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