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Friday, June 29, 2012

Anti-Aging Choices

Here they come.....the marketers are gearing up to cash in on the baby boomers who are prime to want all things that will come under the heading of "anti-aging".  Even young girls old enough to want to look like their favorite entertainer will be interested in a way to not age.  The five most popular ways to age gracefully seem to be:

1.  Eating healthy
2.  Take vitamins
3.  Use Creams, lotions, and serums
4.  Go to an Anti-aging Spa
5.  Exercise

Image from Athlete's Making History, Johanna Quaas, German gymnast age 86
Patnik Giardino NY Times photo, Olga Kotelko of Canada, age 91 track star
Tonight I noticed more and more men in my neighborhood out running in their Nike shorts and tees that look like this.....
Bob Keller, age 77 athlete from Florida 

I know we have our fashionista's on Advanced Style hosted by Ari Seth Cohen that are visions of inspiration. I would like to see more images of advanced athletes that are great role models as well.  Also I agree with a statement I read that seemed true to me.  "There is no such thing as "anti-aging"  that marketers would like us to believe........there is only alternative ways to grow older and we can educate our self as to how we choose to do it. 

I'm thinking about starting an exercise studio of some kind.  How important do you think exercise is for over-all health?  Is it a priority or no?  If yes what form of exercise is your choice and what do you like about it?  Would you like to do more or less?  Thank you for your input.

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