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Sunday, July 15, 2012

On The Road Of Life

 Yes, this athlete in training had a Birthday celebration given by my great friend Rita.  Her card read,
          "On the road of life it's not where you're going but the friends you make that really matter."

Me and my "great" friend Ms. Rita
I awoke this morning to my daughter and granddaughter and friends singing Happy Birthday to me over the phone.  Then she said, Ryan wants to talk to you. He is my five year old grandson that always refuses to talk to me over the phone.  I heard, "Hi Barbie, Happy Birthday."  I talked to him for a few minutes.  I asked my daughter how she got him to talk to me and she said, "He asked to talk to you."  OHHHHH the sweetest gifts are indescribable!!!!!!
Let's talk about maybe, could be, The Greatest Athlete In The World....Ashton Eaton.  On his road of life he is headed to the Olympics.  Just like me he was born in Portland, Oregon.  Just like me....okay I guess we can stop there Runners World he is quoted as saying something that I think I agree with but not sure how to describe IT either.

Ashton Eaton, possibly to be "THE GREATEST ATHLETE IN THE WORLD" photograph by Gregg Segal

Ashton says,  "I firmly believe the body is smarter than the mind.  As much as you try I don't think you can trick your body."  That interests me because most of the athletes out there speak about preparing yourself mentally because 99 percent of your performance comes from the mind.  Yet always the books say, "Listen to your body".  But what does that mean?  I think the body is smarter than the mind but the mind is more powerful.  In order to pay attention to my body I need to quiet my mind on the road of life.  What do you think?  Any thoughts about the Body/Mind Spirit to share?

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