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Friday, July 20, 2012

When Plans Don't Matter

When you go to work each day I do not think you ever plan on being let go.  That is what happened at my workplace last week to twelve of my co-workers.  It was an unexpected loss and I will miss them.  

There are no projects at work for awhile so early this morning I took a long walk along the river and it was incredibly serene.  The trees rich and over flowing with green foliage, the goslings look like they are plentiful and loving life, and the river, no matter what, old man river, just keeps rolling along.  When I came home I did some yoga stretches, ate some fresh strawberries,  then wrote out a post for this blog titled "Let's Move On".

I turned on the news at 5pm and my computer to write my blog.  As soon as I heard the Colorado story I knew my post was not appropriate as planned.  I keep thinking that after each massacre or high profile killing people will rise up together and just say NO to guns.  Now I know the NRA is powerful and money equals guns and money equals prisons and money equals everything that rules our country but I wonder if we would ever be brave enough to live without guns.  Not in my lifetime I am sure.

Many lives were changed today that I am sure were not planning on it.  Yes guns kill people and people kill people and it will never be a perfect world.  The police chief said we cannot plan for these tragic events.   Is it possible to plan on learning something from these tragedies?   Then if it matters  let's at least make it harder to kill people than going to a gun store and placing an order online.

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