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Friday, July 27, 2012

What Are Your Notes To Self

Every so often I injure myself stretching.  I thought it was because I have a loose body type and easy to over do.  But in Runners World magazine I read most injuries happen when stretching.  After my walk on the river this morning with my rib cage hurting with every little breath I take I appreciate seeing the goslings carry themselves so gracefully with perfect posture.  I use them as a visual as I work on my own form.  I have had a sore right hip for a few weeks now and my rib cage for about a week and it feels like it is taking forever to heal as always.

When I walk I use the opportunity to commune with nature but also to work on my body alignment.  Today I added feeling my whole face as a beam of light illuminating my walk and a beam of light over head.  Over the years with my yoga teaching and taking 5 ballet classes a week I find the practice of correct posture and directing my own dynamic lines of energy is a priority for overall health and well being.
Google photo ballerina in chair
Many years ago with three children and two divorces I was a mess with no direction and basically barely able to limp along with no thought about how I carried myself whatsoever.  I remember being at one of my best friends and seeing her teenage daughter sitting at the kitchen table looking regal.  I told her how beautiful she looked and asked her what she was doing?   She told me studying classical ballet.  Note to self, I want to take ballet classes.

I enrolled at Marylhurst College with my intention to get a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministries to help rehabilitate people in prison.  My adviser asked if I wanted to take a dance class?  I did not see the connection to my major but she said I could earn 3 credits and thought I would enjoy it.  I had forgotten all about my note to self.

Luckily Joan Harmony was a special teacher.  Since then I have learned very few teachers really know how to teach.  Joan did not teach class she taught me.  It was not at all fun though and I was not going to continue but received an A just for attending.  No books to read, tests to take, papers to write or oral reports so decided to take a second term.  From there I studied African Jazz dance, yoga, and more ballet and changed my major to Social Sciences with an emphasis in physical education.  It has remained my number one passion in life and when injured I need to find ways to be mobile.
Google photo Dick Andros
Dick Andros wrote an article about his life in dance.  He said because of age and arthritis he had to teach sitting in a chair.  I'm sure he had the best posture at one time.  I've heard the athletes that make it to the Olympics are all born with perfect posture just as some people are born with perfect skin, teeth, hair, etc.  What is possible for sustainable posture?   Muscle co-ordination?  How much of it do we have control over and what is pre-destined?  So many questions when it comes to health care.

Note to Ryan Seacrest.  Yes the opening of the London Olympic games is creepy and so annoying and boring I have to turn it off.  Looking forward to watching the athletes tomorrow. 

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