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Monday, July 30, 2012

Fear In The Sun

Each morning I awake to overcast skies and a chill in the air.  HELLO....where is our summer?  Actually I am thankful because I don't have to rush to get on my river walk for fear of getting too hot to enjoy my exercise.  For the past few weeks I  wake up naturally, prepare my salads for the day, sip a cup of vanilla creme brule' flavored coffee with two teaspoons of coffeemate and enjoy the view from my glass sliding doors.  I'm dressed in my leotard, cami, tee shirt and long sleeved sweater with hood hoping the air is not going to be too chilly.

When I get down on the river the Oregon uniform year round rain or shine looks like this.
Google photo of hiker with sunglasses and hat
Yes being wired means you are "with it"  about your exercise.  The other look is dark glasses with a straw hat and that look is more about I am "with it too" by having listened to all the ads and following my doctors advice and all my friends doctors advice that protecting myself from the sun means I am smart. Unless you are the young running athletes and they have the latest dark glasses that now is more of a fashion statement than neon colored shoes.  I don't know what is more blinding to them, the color of their running shoes or the sun behind the clouds.

My opinions are always experiential unless otherwise stated.  From a very young age I decided I did not like looking at my world through dark glasses.  I want to see the true colors in nature for one thing.  Why would I want everything to look like shades of grey or brown?   Also when young I ran across a book extolling the health benefits received by the sun with some scientific studies believing the nutrients of the rays enter the body through the iris of the eyes as well as the skin.  That confirmed my innate wisdom for me it would be just fine to enjoy my sunshine.  But why do I stick out more and more these days like I didn't get the memo?

Follow the money.  Now the fear of the sun is rampant.  Billions of dollars in advertising spurred on by the American Academy of Dermatology go into big pharma sun screen products, every high fashion designer has their logo all over the sun glasses industry and I am sure the sports industry will be setting up studies that prove every athlete no matter what sport will have to wear sun glasses indoors and out to have an edge up on their opponent and then of course the hats have to be included for the total package.

If anyone is interested in checking out studies on the benefits of the sun for personal health all one needs to do is Google about it.  But most are satisfied to go along with the crowd.  If one percent of the population are like me and enjoy the feel of the sun and find it to be healthy and one percent feel the sun as evil to their well being  what are the other 98 percent doing?  AHA.....the power of advertising.

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