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Friday, June 29, 2012

Anti-Aging Choices

Here they come.....the marketers are gearing up to cash in on the baby boomers who are prime to want all things that will come under the heading of "anti-aging".  Even young girls old enough to want to look like their favorite entertainer will be interested in a way to not age.  The five most popular ways to age gracefully seem to be:

1.  Eating healthy
2.  Take vitamins
3.  Use Creams, lotions, and serums
4.  Go to an Anti-aging Spa
5.  Exercise

Image from Athlete's Making History, Johanna Quaas, German gymnast age 86
Patnik Giardino NY Times photo, Olga Kotelko of Canada, age 91 track star
Tonight I noticed more and more men in my neighborhood out running in their Nike shorts and tees that look like this.....
Bob Keller, age 77 athlete from Florida 

I know we have our fashionista's on Advanced Style hosted by Ari Seth Cohen that are visions of inspiration. I would like to see more images of advanced athletes that are great role models as well.  Also I agree with a statement I read that seemed true to me.  "There is no such thing as "anti-aging"  that marketers would like us to believe........there is only alternative ways to grow older and we can educate our self as to how we choose to do it. 

I'm thinking about starting an exercise studio of some kind.  How important do you think exercise is for over-all health?  Is it a priority or no?  If yes what form of exercise is your choice and what do you like about it?  Would you like to do more or less?  Thank you for your input.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Never Too Late

Tonight ballet class was an ego blaster.  Let's just say I am about 50 years older than all the dancers in my class.  They must have started dance at the age of three and now in their twenties they audition and take classes and workshops on a regular basis putting in many hours a day.   I started dance in my 50's and have performed in recitals but my level of dance is still elementary only taking class an hour and a half a day four times a week does not make a dancer.   Then here comes....
John Lowe Photo PA/Chris Radburn

....John Lowe.  He began taking ballet classes at the age of 79 and performed at age 88 and in August 2009 was the oldest ballet performer in Ely, age 90.
 WHOA!!!  You go John!!!!  He said he thinks everyone should take ballet because of the workout and the beautiful music.  I echo that reason.  Even though we are conditioned to only seeing images of young dancers I think it is wonderful to see beauty in the mature dancer.  The story said he practices all day every day at home with a barre he installed in his apartment and a trapeze he uses to strengthen his upper body.  The thing is it does take a daily commitment and discipline that not all of us are capable of making for various reasons.  I wonder if I would be brave enough to quit my day job and go full out????  Dream on.

Yesterday a girl in my class who is a wife, and mother, and full time college teacher said to me after one of the more difficult  combinations........"if I get Alzheimer after this I'm going to be mad!!!!"  Same here.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Weekend of Riches

This Sunday morning was a runners paradise.  Cloudy, with spurts of sun shining through and mild temperature in the 60's.  So I tried applying the instructions I watched on the DVD "Chi of Running".  Yes, worked like a charm.  I actually had fun running for the first time ever!!!  No, I will not start training for a marathon.

Here is a quote I wrote down in my journal that I am questioning about myself:

"Develop a course for your life, whatever it is, dedicate yourself to it daily".

My purpose in life has always been a mystery to me yet I keep thinking one fine day I will have an "AHA" moment and connect with one thing that I can just devote my life to.

Google image of Bill Cunningham
This weekend I watched the "Bill Cunningham New York" documentary.  WOW!  What a beautiful man and the epitome of what it is to dedicate one's life to his passion of photography.  Personally I have never had a vision or a focus that I hear others have.  The closest I have come to it is at the age of about ten I went to see the movie "The Greatest Show On Earth" over and over and over again.  When I told my parents I was going to run away and join the circus to be a trapeze artist...

Google image of Betty Hutton in The Greatest Show On Earth
.... they said I did not want to do that but did not explain to me exactly why not?   When I got older I realized it would not have worked out.  I did take "The Artist's Way Workshop" many years ago hoping to hone in on my purpose here on earth but did not find it.

The expression "the thrill is in the hunt" must apply to me in all ways.  The INFP is the "Quester" after all.   In the meantime this afternoon I went to return a pair of jeans and found a fun pair of boots on sale for $15.00.  Yes my weekend was a success on  many levels.  Hope you had a happy weekend in your own way.  If you have any thoughts about a life purpose I would love to hear.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 Reasons To Watch Reality TV To Get Inspired

 I know, I know, reality TV sucks.  Who can stand it?  If I see one more I will pull the plug   I was the only one at my workplace that hated the very first one Survivor.  I told everyone it was not real to be in the jungle building a fire with a camera in your face.  Oh no they said, "it's real".  Why?  Because they wanted to believe it.

Now pick your poison and it will be on TV.  But can we sort through all this mess for inspiration?  We know never to say never but if asked if I would be interested in another reality show...."NO" that features buying and selling homes.. "NEVER".  Then along comes,,,,,,,,
Photo gallery Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, and Madison
......OH, HELLO!!!!
   Have you heard of them?   They are all at the top of their game and all  in their twenties.  No they are not athletes.  They are professional real estate agents with a reality show called "Million Dollar Listing L.A."  They are true artists in their craft with creative abilities that make even me with no interest in homes for sale in California or anywhere else smile with INSPIRATION.

I don't care what line of work you are in or what kind of personal challenge you may be interested in....I think their skills are worth watching.    They are what is described IMO having the kind of talent you can't learn.... you are born with it.  Yes I am talking about the art of selling.....if you have it you have it and if you are the BEST at it........well tune in because their lifestyles are amazing.  Never mind the girlfriend/boyfriend problems that are for special effects but just hone in and focus on the way they negotiate.  Better than any seminar you could pay for.

Would love to hear your ways to be inspired if you care to share.  Thanks. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hooray The Olympics Are Coming......

When getting information about how to blog I came across a statement...."When blogging try to remember.... YOU.... are not interesting unless you are a celebrity of some kind".  IMO the opposite is true.  When I surf the blogesphere I seldom land on one that is personable enough for my taste.  I know not everyone cares about being personable.......take the Olympics for example..........
Google photo of London 2012 Olympic welcome
My ex-roommate loves the Opening Ceremonies.  I am usually busy doing something and have the TV on and every once in awhile will glance at the ceremony but very seldom does it hold my attention for long.  One year I was in awe and could not take my eyes away and I think that was the ones held in Japan.  My daughter also loves to watch the opening with all the different countries represented and it is pretty incredible when you live in a small town in Arkansas and have never traveled outside of the U.S. to realize there is a whole big wide world out there.  But not my favorite part.

I know the Olympics hire the most talented Marketing people money can buy to come up with a way for it to be the best of the best series ever.  I am not sure who told them to take the top contestants and highlight their personal stories but yes THAT is my favorite part.  Then watching them perform their sport is exciting for me.  Now I hear from my co-worker and various people that the Olympics are boring because they take too much time talking about all their personal stories.  WHAT???

Hopefully they will not do away with my favorite part but I wonder why people think the road that gets you to the Olympic level could be boring?  It is a journey that hardly anyone gets to travel and to hear how it all came about is fascinating to me.  I also marvel at the psychology of it all.  The level of dedication and discipline it takes.  I wish they would say what they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner but not through a PR agent to make it sound interesting.

 And I fear that is what could happen.  Then it all turns into one big "Reality Show" that is nothing to do with reality.  Except for the competition and you can't fake far thank you.
Google photo beautiful Michelle Kwan 2010 Olympics

Friday, June 15, 2012

Do You Want To Be In The Guinness Book Of World Records

Ernestine Sheperd: the 75-year-old bodybuilder has an inspirational video I found on the blog That's Not My Age you can find here  No I do not want to take up bodybuilding but I may want to start running. I just am not sold on the idea it is good for the physical body.  I read Haruki Murakami memoir and he does not think running is suitable for all body types.  He has a sturdy strong muscular athletic body type and I have a loose gangly flexible body just the opposite of his.   I am going to watch a DVD I checked out at the library today called "ChiRunning" A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless. Injury-free Running.  The keyword for me here is "effortless".  I like the sound of that.

The other DVD I found is called "Athlete" a documentary about 4 different athletes--- a cancer survivor, a blind senior citizen and twin sisters

  Ballet is my exercise of choice and will stick with it until the spirit moves me to discover a new athletic endeavor and a teacher/coach that I would connect with in a way that I would quit my job and begin the day to day training.  I know when things happen in my life when the interest is high the direction comes naturally.

I have thought it would be fun to be in the Guinness Book of World Records but so far not enough to dedicate my life to it.  I wonder if anyone else has besides those who actually end up there? Have you?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Personal Experiment

Photo Richard Calmes galleries
It seems to have taken me forever to get my energy back after my vacation.  I arrived home on Tuesday and did not get to ballet class until last Saturday.   That evening I had to take ibuprofen for my aching legs.  I went back to class this Monday and our teacher set a combination that someone in the class called, "brutal".  He said, "Yes, isn't that why we are all here?  Aren't we all masochists that take ballet class?"

I thought last night I wanted to start a project but did not know what that would be?   I was looking at some blogs today and Mark's Daily Apple has a project called "Personal Experiment".  I think I will enter it  I have not been one that is good at setting goals or even making plans.  Even something simple like scheduling a hair appointment I have to cancel because something interferes.  The first part of the experiment is to have a GOAL.  I started sorting through all the reasons goals do not work for me and then realized the project is not called 'Personal Goal" it is only an experiment.

GOAL:  Lose 2 inches off my waist.  Experiment:  Exercise at least 30 minutes or more 7 days a week for 4 weeks eating less than 100 carbs a day.   Monday, ballet, Tuesday, ballet, Wednesday, ballet, Thursday. weights, Friday weights, Saturday, ballet, and Sunday a long walk on the river.  

.....after writing out this experiment I am not sure if I want this to be my project???

Monday, June 11, 2012

Party On The Beach 2012

Our plan was to head to the beach in Dustin, Florida since I had never been.  The forecast was stormy weather every day we planned to be there.  Since I hail from Oregon where the beach is 90 percent stormy all year round (or seems like it) the forecast at South Padre Island, Texas was sunshine and 90 degrees so the choice was made.

Four days in the sun, in the water and on the beach playing volleyball, football, paddle ball, frisbee, plus doing P90X weights and yoga workouts each of the eleven days of my vacation I ate up all the activity.  I also ate ice cream every night.  Blizzards at Dairy Queen and make your own sundaes at Coldstone Creamery and my granddaughter preparing homemade Monster Hot Fudge sundaes at home a major difference from my routine of broccoli and yogurt every night.

I know I could not keep up the party lifestyle for long but it was a super fun trip!!!

Our patio at the motel that over looks the beautiful bay so peaceful and serene

This is where we worked out with weights in the morning before hitting the beach

Lauren wants to be a surfer girl but lives in Arkansas..... .
Ryan my 5 year old grandson who boogey boarded for the first time

Monique my daughter who makes everything a party

Me in my elements